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Phil Lesh Confirms Agreement to Perform at Capitol Theatre, Brooklyn Bowl and Lockn’ in 2014

November 04, 2013

Phil Lesh at The Capitol Theatre on Halloween. Photo by Marc Millman.

Phil Lesh just wrapped up a four show run at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY with the promise of many more to come. Relix publisher Peter Shapiro, who owns the venue, has entered into an exclusive agreement with Lesh. In effort to conserve energy and limit the rigors of touring, beyond performances at his own Terrapin Crossroads, the bassist only will perform shows at Shapiro's venues in 2014, including at least 30 dates at The Cap, starting next April. All told Lesh will perform 45 gigs under the agreement including appearances at Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas and the second annual Lockn’ Festival, which will return to Arrington, VA from September 4-7.

In many respects this brings things full-circle for Shapiro, who was still a student at Northwestern when he made his first film, And Miles to Go Before I Sleep. This documentary explores the lives of Deadheads on the Grateful Dead’s 1993 summer tour. From here he would go on to purchase New York City nightclub Wetlands Preserve from Larry Bloch who once described the venue as "a club built by Deadheads for Deadheads.”

In today’s New York Times, Lesh explains, “I’m not retiring, and I’m not slowing down. I'm pretty sure I want to make music till I can’t breathe anymore. I just want to do it within the most focused possible way. The future looks really exciting.”

Shapiro adds, “Less issues with travel will free Phil to focus on his music. It should provide a supportive environment for collaboration, which should be quite exciting for all of us.”

While the agreement will not commence until next year, on November 14 Lesh will perform at Brooklyn Bowl, joining his sons in the Terrapin Family Band.


Why don’t you play at the south pole,just as convenient,do it closer to NYC dummies.Didn’t Shapiro have something to do w/Wetlands as well.He’s a lil trust fund terd buying his way into the dead world.Say what U want about Jerry f*cked up on dope but none of this crap went on when he was alive.WEIR&LESH; are 2 crying babies,that don’t look good at 70.

By kennethkenkenny - 11/14/13

Wow Kennet, kinda bad attitude, WTF, chill, brother. Why spew anger and blame, is your house in order?

By Hanuman - 12/11/13

Hey Kenneth, he could have blown that trust fund on strippers and blow. Instead he brought back a classic venue, and stocked it with great music. Also, its really not too hard to get to, and that’s coming from someone who lives in New Jersey!

By Chris - 12/20/13

fu chisbest shows east coast up north yeaa

By - 01/22/14


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