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New Phish Album To Be Titled Fuego

by Sam D'Arcangelo on May 08, 2014

Phish’s forthcoming album will be called Fuego. Live Music Blog was among the first sites to suggest this information. A number of songs from the prospective album appear on the website of BMI, the music publishing company.

As previously reported, Phish “debuted” their forthcoming album as their musical costume during last year’s Halloween show at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. However, that work in progress was titled Wingsuit. Based on a interview with Mike Gordon earlier this year it is not expected that all 12 of those tracks will be appearing on Fuego (although the title track is certainly expected to make it— Phish performed “Fuego” on Halloween and on New Year’s Eve).

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Based on the BMI site it appears that the song titled “Monica” in the 2013 Halloween Phishbill is officially called “Sing Monica.” In addition, Gordon has suggested that other songs the band did not premiere on October 31 may appear on the disc (“Halfway to the Moon” and “Show of Life” are among the likely candidates).

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Fuego is being produced by Bob Ezrin, who has worked with the likes of Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel and many more. You can check out that recent interview with Gordon, in which he talks about hitting the studio with Ezrin, here.

Wingsuit Halloween playlist:

1. Wingsuit
2. Fuego
3. The Line
4. Monica
5. Waiting All Night
6. Wombat
7. Snow
8. Devotion to a Dream
9. 555
10. Winterqueen
11. Amidst The Peals of Laughter
12. You Never Know


I think BMI is for tracks, not album titles. There are also links for each track -

By Gooch - 05/08/14

Yep, BMI is a performing rights organization, their job is to collect royalties from live performances of songs. They rarely if ever note album titles on their listings.

Also, just because a song is registered with BMI does not guarantee that it will make the cut for an album, so there could be 20 new registrations for Trey et al. and only 12 of those will show up on a record. They need to register everything in case they play it live, they can collect royalties.

Source: I’m a BMI-registered songwriter and work for a music publishing company called BMG (trust me, a lot of people get them confused).

By Scott - 05/08/14

Not sure what everyone is quibbling about here…

By Ken K - 05/08/14

Myself I’m just “quibbling” with the music itself. Not feeling it (at least not on Halloween) but I’ll give it a chance…

By Jay - 05/08/14


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