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Neil Young Files For Divorce from Pegi Young

by Sam D'Arcangelo on August 26, 2014

Neil Young has filed for divorce from Pegi Young, his wife of 36 years. Rolling Stone reports that the legendary singer-songwriter filed a petition for dissolution of marriage in their hometown of San Mateo, CA on July 29. The magazine also claims that a hearing is scheduled for December 12.

Young first met Pegi, who also performs with her own band The Survivors and has collaborated with her husband on numerous occasions, while she was working as a waitress near his California ranch. The story of their introduction is outlined in Young's 1992 song "Unknown Legend," one of many songs inspired by Pegi.

In addition to their musical collaborations, Neil and Pegi Young also co-founded The Bridge School together in 1986. The pair have funded the school, which provides education for students with severe physical impairments, with an annual, star-studded benefit concert.

Both Neil and Pegi are scheduled to perform at the upcoming Farm Aid concert in Raleigh, NC on September 13.



By Addie - 08/26/14

..lovers come and go, the river still roll, roll, rolls.

By Gardening is Never a Crime - 08/26/14

I’m sorry to hear this actually.

By Ray - 08/26/14

Always Awesome !! What a Treat under these conditions.  Good thoughts go out to Neil & to Peggi .

By Jean - 08/26/14

I hope it is best but I pray they solve their differences. Lovely children from what little I know. We’ve just celebrated our 40th and I have had 38 wonderful years and am more in love with my Psychedelic Pill. But it is still hard as we age and truths reveal themselves. I be blessed. Sad for The Youngs.

By Zen Dadio - 08/26/14

don’t cry no tears around me…...dont let it bring you down pegi!!

By joepogi - 08/26/14


By Jo - 08/26/14

i’am sorry to hear bout this, i was married for 30 yrs you never forget the good or bad times, i will see him in heaven, god bless both pegi @ neil for the wonderful effort.. music they have given to us

By Michele Anastasi - 08/26/14

Very sad. Never expected.I wonder if they can remain calm to continue the Bridge school and benefits concerts. They started the Bridge School becuz they have a child that is in needs and attended this school. I wish them both the best and to arise from this situation.

By Sweety Tweety - 08/26/14

Sad to hear this…sure they have their reasons….long time to be together and then part. Best wishes to both.

By Winnie the cat - 08/26/14

Pegi no longer listed on the Farm Aid line-up:

By Shakey - 08/26/14

Times they are a changin’ ... Angel Blessings for you both!

By Miss Ruby - 08/26/14

There’s gotta be so much more to this story? Just a rumor for me right now.

By kevin p. - 08/26/14

Obviously things going on we are not privvy to - no one knows the secret commerce of the soul

By Michael - 08/26/14

Heart of gold…

By Bruce Coderre - 08/26/14


By Gaylan - 08/26/14

so very sad and sorry to hear this.

By marie - 08/26/14

Maybe there’s someone else? People don’t just end 36 year marriages cause they want to live alone

By Carol M - 08/26/14

It’s really nobody’s business but theirs.

By Nancy - 08/26/14

So very sad to hear this and wish both of them well.

By Guila G. - 08/26/14

Sorry to hear this.  That’s the same amount of time I’ve been married.  It’s a long time, maybe they grew apart it happens.

By Sheryl - 08/26/14

I am so sad for them. I hope they can fix this.

By RachieBake - 08/26/14

Comes a time, that were driftin….........

By Frans Macco - 08/26/14

It would seem if they were to divorce it would have happened at a younger age. Why now ? ...I loved their music

By Jim - 08/26/14

I am sad for both of them . However…that means he is available for me!

By Norma - 08/26/14

What is News !!!!???`- Howe many else is divorced ??? ........... like death is here ............- Media Sucks - and Sucks Back in 1969 !!!!!!!!!!!

By a - 08/26/14

Aww! Wonder why? Will Pegi still run The Bridge School with Neil? Is this just a hoax?

By Rachel Smith - 08/26/14

the only constant in life is change…

By johnny - 08/26/14

She better not go ANYPLACE near a river.

By Doug A. - 08/26/14

Very sorry to hear. Blessings to you both. I wish you both well and hope you can find happiness!

By cathy fergus - 08/26/14

Hope this costs the hypocrite a lot more than he made during his “Bash Canada” tour last year.

By Wiseone - 08/26/14

Breaking up is hard to do.  I hope the parties involved remember to be kind to themselves and to one and other.  My best wishes to both of them.

By Dan O'Donnell - 08/26/14

So sad to hear. I’ve loved Neil since the late 60’s. As a young teen I wanted to marry him. I was upset he married someone else. Now I’m sad they may no longer be together. Hoping they can reconcile.

By Amy Dile - 08/26/14

Neil Young was sitting in my office at Stanford when I was a graduate student.  I think my faculty advisor let him in to wait for me to arrive in the morning when few were in milling about the area.  Honestly, I thought it was a bum that somehow got in until another student said, “it’s Neil, its Neil”.  I said Neil Diamond, jokingly, as he said “um, no”.  He wanted me to work with him on a project for his disabled child, but I had to decline as I was in the midst of crunch time for my thesis.  I kick myself now…

By GreekBecky - 08/26/14

So sad to hear this! My husband and I have been married for 31 years and have 7 children, 14 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild. Sorry to hear they’re going separate ways. God bless them during this time.

By Rolande Gay - 08/26/14

Goodbye, Cinnamon Girl.

By mpc9751 - 08/26/14

I am sure there is more to the story that is none of our business. This story is based on court filings and a scheduled hearing. It obviously isn’t a rumor.

By Your Reading Comprehension Teacher - 08/26/14

I am very sad to hear that a marriage of so many years is to be dissolved. We can never know what goes on really in private lives and certainly, they deserve a private life. I think Harvest Moon will still ring true. Obviously, they loved each other once and have a long history together. That love will keep on regardless of the state of a marriage.

By Marilyn Waylen - 08/26/14

Sorry to hear this.  I’m curious as to why a couple who were married for 36 years decide to divorce.  That is mind-boggling to me…

By Pat - 08/26/14

Terrible shame, why after all these years? Hope the future is good for both of you. Tragic…

By GLENN R. DRISCOLL - 08/26/14

Very sad, what part of until death do us part don’t these celebrities understand!?!

By Freddy - 08/26/14

Patch it up-Makeup sex is wonderful !

By Optimistic - 08/26/14

Did not expect this at all. Maybe it’s for some sort of legal reason other than the relationship ending? Who knows but I wish the best for them.

By Jack - 08/26/14

“keeps me searching for a heart of gold, and I’m getting old”....Love & ✌ to them both

By Cathy Ryzner - 08/26/14

I can’t get over how she set me free..

By 1/2chicken - 08/26/14

sorry to hear. I’m here for you Neil.

By amberski your number one fan - 08/26/14

It cant be true.  His songs tell the story of their lives.  This makes me so sad.

By Diane - 08/26/14

Maybe now, he’ll be sufficiently broke from the divorce costs, that he’ll have to become more lenient with his vault material and need the money badly enough to actually release “Archives Vol.2”

By Phil C. - 08/26/14

Sorry to hear , these kind of problems are always difficult and saddening hope they both find ways to be happier in life

By June Perkins - 08/26/14

WoW! My mellow has been seriously harshed :’(

By Gayla - 08/26/14

Let it be.

By Michael Hardie - 08/26/14

Such very sad news on such a strong love affair.

By Krista - 08/26/14

I’ve been choppin’ on this tree for 87 years. Very sad, though. Love them.

By Rick - 08/26/14

Saddle up the palamino, the sun is going down…

By PabloMonga - 08/26/14

I am shocked.  Neil was absolutely crazy for Pegi!!  So sad.  My heart goes out to both of them, and their children.

By Kim F - 08/26/14

I am so sorry for the two of you. I hope you find peace.

By Linda L. Brenton - 08/26/14

Iam just a dreamer but you were just a dream

By mark - 08/26/14

“I was thinking about what a friend had said….I was hoping it was a lie’‘

My first (and only) guitar songbook was all Neil Young…...

By Al Krull - 08/26/14

That’s just shattering, after 36yrs of marriage surly as the sun rises you’ve both been threw it all and survived - both have inspired so many, it’s just silly nonsense now whatever the reasons - so get over it.  Kind thoughts go out for both of you.

By Lawrence M-NZ - 08/26/14

Oh oh this old world keeps spinnin’ ‘round…..

By Ron Knepper - 08/26/14

What is he thinking, he is gruesome and lucky to have someone in his life. I hope he’s not being one of these typical old men who thinks they can do better with a young trophy wife. She’ll end up leaving your ugly a__ and taking half your money! Smarten up!

By young hater - 08/26/14

Sad when couples split after so many years together.

I’m sure after some time, they will both find peace in the split

By Randie Walton - 08/26/14

“Out of the blue and into the black.”  Neil Young   Love all their music creations of inspiration and drive.  “Going the wrong way in a Cutlass Supreme.” Young

By John G. 8/26/14 - 08/26/14

Well I’m really bummed out about this, I personally got to spend alot of time with Pegi,she is a wonderful strong woman who I really respected I will never forget how she helped me during some hard times..take care of yourself Pegi love always the young Cahuilla Indian from Palm Springs much love stay strong

By Jade Duran - 08/26/14

Neil, the independence of working on a fence with no one. Okay, write a song when your heart has mended. Love you both!

By Johno Harpo - 08/26/14

The song “Without Rings” has bothered me since I first heard it almost 20 years ago.  I related to the pain and loss in the song and hoped that Neil was not telling his and Pegi’s story.  This is so sad and I hope the future will bring them both to a place of peace and happiness.  Much love to both.

By Kathy - 08/26/14

Sad and difficult to go through regardless of the reason. Wish them all the best.

By Hans F. - 08/26/14

only love can break your heart…

By valleygrl - 08/26/14

His hometown isn’t San Mateo, it’s Toronto.

By Doohickie - 08/26/14


there will be another one
Who’ll hover
over you beneath the sun
see the things
that never come

When you see me
Fly away without you
Shadow on the things you know
Feathers fall around you
And show you the way to go
It’s over, it’s over.

in your wings my little one
This special
morning brings another sun
see the things
that never come

When you see me
Fly away without you
Shadow on the things you know
Feathers fall around you
And show you the way to go
It’s over, it’s over. 

By MIKE - 08/27/14

I’m with you Nancy. Love you Neil. Keep on rockin’ in the free world. Blessings.

By Jan - 08/27/14

May you find peace ,clarity and the willingness to resolve your differences.  Faith heals. Yours is a relationship we have all grown to respect. It has weathered decades… No matter what the outcome,, we still love you . if you follow every dream.. you might get lost….Hope you find your way back.

By themistymermaid - 08/27/14

So sorry….wish both of them well.

By Irene D. - 08/27/14

Could it be he’s trying to spare her the medical/legal mess of his physical deterioration? All around very sad….

By Sallie Dodd Butters - 08/27/14

You and your family are loved. It will all work out amongst you and your family.

By JohnnyCB - 08/27/14

I think it’s f’in pathetic that men, when given a new lease on life as far as their careers go, think they can suddenly “do better” than the person who has made them who they are. Makes me sick to my stomach

By kkcollier - 08/27/14

A man…this sucks…:(

By Mike Mc - 08/27/14

This is so, so sad. After 38 years. I am a product of a broken home. I feel the pain. Miracles can happen though.

By Jaylyn - 08/27/14

I just dont believe it. Those two have come so far, It just cant be true, that anything could compell them to seperate from the union they have. No sin, no other love, no problem is greater than the love that joined them to start with. No problem exists that cant be dealt with by patience and kindness; so; I just dont believe it. I know that there is no power, be it good time or sorrow, great wealth or bad health that can wedge between such a true friendship as these two. Dont believe a word of it friends, believe in non jealous peaceful patient unity, Amen ?,,, amen

By Maurice Brown AKA Bullfrogsblues - 08/27/14

so sorry to hear this.. love these guys… wish the best for them.. <3

By April Allen - 08/27/14

Like all the thoughtful comments.

By Daniel - 08/27/14

36 years…truly sad. wish they could have worked out their differences..only 14 yrs away from #50.

By Dee - 08/27/14

Free Man In Paris…jm…

By Scott Pringle - 08/27/14

the words to Free Man In Paris, come to mind..

By Scott Pringle - 08/27/14

Neil Just Take a Break For Awhile -Don’t Sign Nothing Iron Clad DaD =You’ve Been Together Too Long -Long May You Run in The Second Chapter In Your Lives =Your Our Pioneer in Country Rock n Roll =Our Icon smile

By Darrell M Paczas - 08/27/14

Yellow Journalism scouring public records for a story that is none of our business or any ones but theirs. Any follow up is pure speculation which shows zero respect to two outstanding people who have given so much collaboratively and individually.

By Jethro - 08/27/14

no !!i’m very sorry ,Why???

By andrea - 08/27/14

Hey - yes its sad to see “good love gone bad”...........but as the song they just sang says sometimes .....“there comes a time”.....and we don’t know the circumstances.  Just wish them both love, peace and happiness.

By Sue Pope - 08/27/14

this is a private matter.. I hope they remain friends if not at least civil to each other.. I hope they can continue to perform together as professionals..

By lunachick - 08/27/14

The Harvest Moon has dropped below the horizon…

By BJay - 08/27/14

Wish the best to the both of them during these trying times…

By kcazzie kastil - 08/27/14

Wish the BEST to them both during these trying times !

By alan kastil - 08/27/14

This is very, very sad.

By Iain Bainbridge - 08/27/14

I guess you can’t be happy the rest of your life with a cinnamon girl, So sad.

By Lee Roads - 08/27/14

Neil, marry me!

By Alessia - 08/27/14

Comes a time, when you’re drifting

By - 08/27/14

It is always sad to see a union made before God and man end, no matter how amicably. They should be allowed privacy.


By SmellyEllen - 08/27/14

“new distance between us, you and me”.

By Bob S - 08/27/14

Of course, it’s none of my business, and I’m just a fan, but I love them both, and I feel sad.

By Phil O - 08/27/14

So sad after all that time.

By Celticat - 08/27/14


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