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Nearly 40 People Hospitalized in Boston Following Avicii Concert

by Rob Slater on June 26, 2014

The Boston Globe is reporting that nearly 40 concertgoers, many of whom were minors, were taken to local hospitals from the TD Garden last night following an Avicii concert held at the arena. Authorities said many suffered from drug and alcohol problems. There were no fatalities.

Michael Bosse, deputy superintendent for Boston EMS, told the Globe that over 50 people were treated or evaluated at the scene, with another 36 patients transported to hospitals. Police officials deemed the situation a "mass casualty event," as more than seven ambulances were called to the scene.

Many reports to the Globe suggested that at least three women were carried out by stretchers, with dozens more passing out in what was described as a "hot" and "steamy" arena during the concert.

At Avicii's Toronto show, 29 people were reportedly hospitalized with various degrees of health problems.


Don’t eat the brown acid

By Jerry - 06/26/14

hope you kids learned a lesson here.  don’t go to Avicii concerts.

By Brad - 06/26/14

The music industry is being eaten alive by laptops and pencil necks

By Jimmy H. - 06/26/14

I didn’t realize watching someone press play on an MP3 player with some dazzling lights shown upon them could be considered a “concert”.....

By gregjonesproject - 06/26/14

who is Avicii?  perhaps people should stay away from her/his concerts!

By Greg - 06/26/14

This is what happens when you offer all age shows. I am not saying it does not happen at 21+ shows but I garintee a large percent of the people hospitalized where minors.

By Isaiah - 06/26/14

drugs and heat. bad combo.

By Tiffani - 06/26/14

It really doesn’t matter that the people who suffered are minors and drugs are always gonna be at any concert.  It’s the individuals responsibility to take that risk and whether to take care of themselves being under the influence.

By Drug Addict and Festival Goer - 06/26/14

what a joke.  a nation of poor parenting at its finest…....

By TC - 06/26/14

What does this have to do with poor parenting?  It’s poor choices of concert goers.

By Captainmombo - 06/26/14

Please stop being hypocrites… these were kids that we’re trying to have fun and listen to music and obviously something scary happened with their drugs or the scene in general. We’ve all been there.

When you were 16-18 you lived for the “all age” shows, just because we’re older now doesn’t mean we allowed to judge them. You were once a young sh*thead too!

And yeah, their music sucks, but my parent’s don’t get Phish and their parents didn’t understand GD. Get off your high horse, kids define fun, not you.

By Patricio - 06/26/14

When it’s hot at a venue water should be freely dispensed. Drugs and alcohol or not, people will pass out from heat and dehydration.

By MamaC - 06/26/14

I have been to shows lyk this Tiesto Bassnectar and they pack the place wall to wall! All of the body heat drugs heat from the lights and not to mention you are dancing for hours on end! If it is physically impossible to get to a place to find water for you or a friend(try getting through an amped up EDM rowdy crowd!) then your body is going to shut down! That’s why at Ultra Fest Miami they had ppl posted everywhere and walking all around with wheel barrels full of water bottles! You can have fun but be safe! Also when there is a major EDM show possibly the TD should have it’s employees standing in random spots with water or watching out for ppl that look lyk they are over heated! Concert goers watch out for one another the big thing now for that crowd is PLUR peace love unity respect! Love one another and if u see someone going over board if it be drugs or alcohol be a friend and let them kno that they are dangerously close to hurting themselfs! You gotta have eachothers backs at show or festivals like this! Even if u do not kno the person help them to the nearest place with water or let them by or let them take a seat! Bringing someone to the bathroom and splashing a lil cold water on their face takes lyk ten min out of ur show time and u could be seriously helping a human being!

By Katelyn - 06/26/14

I love His EDM.
It’s the Molly. Careful kids don’t buy from strangers at shows if you must party bring it from your reliable source and stay hydrated.

By NJ Mike B. - 06/27/14

Heat and a lot of people I think it’s called claustrophobia what a bad feeling it is dangerous yes let me out of this closed space!

By John Licata - 06/27/14

Have you seen MOLLY?

By GOLGI - 06/28/14


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