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Dave Matthews Band Announce Live Trax 31

August 08, 2014

The 31st installment in Dave Matthews Band’s Live Trax Series will come in the form of the band’s 6/23/2001 show at Camden, NJ’s Tweeter Center. The second of three shows at the venue now known as Susquehanna Bank Center showcased the band’s 2001Everyday album as well as a host of older tunes.

Highlights from the evening include the first ever “Prelude to Grace,” which would only be played once more after that at the famed 7/10/2004 show in Hershey, PA. As they have on the band’s current tour, The Lovely Ladies also make an appearance on several tunes including the opening pairing of “JTR” and “Best of What’s Around” as well as “Granny” and “True Reflections,” among others.

The encore features Dave delivering a rare solo take on Phish’s “Waste,” which he began to cover that year. Trey Anastasio was a part of Matthews’ solo band, which released Some Devil in 2003. The group, along with Tim Reynolds, Ray Paczkowski Tony Hall and Brady Blade, would tour between 2003 and 2004.

Pre-orders for the disc are currently ongoing. Live Trax 31 will be released on September 16.

Here’s a look at the setlist from that night:

Dave Matthews Band
June 23, 2001, Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ

The Best of What’s Around
The Space Between
Rhyme & Reason
Mother Father
Pantala Naga Pampa >
What You Are
Sleep to Dream Her >
Prelude to Grace >
Grace is Gone
Jimi Thing
When the World Ends
True Reflections >
Stay (Wasting Time)
Little Thing (tease)
Tripping Billies


Dave sucks and his fans are the fakest hippies on the planet.

By Matt - 08/08/14

Cool story Matt. Who the f wants to pretend to be a hippie? Thought you were all about being open minded, laid back, non judgemental? Sounds like you’re the fake hippie. Do hippies use smartphones and computers now? That’s so bohemian…

By Antonio - 08/08/14

Matt is a troll.. and a fucking ignorant one at that.

By Ray - 09/17/14


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