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Daft Punk Announce T-Shirt in Support of Random Access Memories

by Rob Slater on March 25, 2014

The title says "t-shirt" not "tour." I'm so, so sorry.

To make it up to you, here's the first piece of merch for Random Access Memories since its release--a $40 shirt. You can order the "Instant Classic" right here if you'd like. Or you could do thousands of other things with that $40 like, Consequence of Sound points out, eat five orders of potato skins at TGI Fridays. That sounds a hell of a lot better than wearing my $40 Daft Punk shirt to the imaginary Daft Punk show this summer.

Nonetheless, let's stay on the bright side of things and assume this is the first of a few announcements from the guys. Maybe. Just, maybe.


This is news? Are you getting a piece of the action? Give me a break - look up the word “journalism” in the dictionary and get back to us when you know what it means.

By Bees Deluxe - 03/27/14


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