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Bill Kreutzmann and the Locknstep Allstars to Debut at Lockn’

August 13, 2014

Following this weekend’s news that Bob Weir has cancelled all of his upcoming live performances, Lockn’ has made a major lineup announcement. Due to Weir’s absence Furthur will no longer perform on Friday. Instead, a new special collaborative project will debut, Bill Kreutzmann and the Locknstep Allstars. Lockn’ co-founder Peter Shapiro explains, “When we found out that Bob Weir wouldn’t be able to make it this year, we decided to keep it all in the family by asking his brother Bill to join us at Lockn’. We are all looking forward to the premiere of Bill Kreutzmann and the Locknstep Allstars. For those of you who are curious just what Locknstep is, join us in September and we’ll all find out together.”

Three additional acts have been confirmed for this year's event. Thursday's lineup will feature some old school funk with the rousing sounds of Lettuce. The summer-long Rockn' to Lockn' competition concluded over the weekend adding two Virginia-based groups to the main stage schedule: People's Blues of Richmond will kick off the music on Friday, while Erin & The Wildfire will do the same on Sunday.

Lockn’ will return to Arrington, VA on September 4-7, featuring Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Allman Brothers Band, Phil Lesh & Friends, Wilco, Widespread Panic, The String Cheese Incident, Willie Nelson, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Umphrey’s McGee, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals and many others. Both single day tickets and four day passes are available.


Why did John K Band not get a look? He was the perfect fit, and people have begged for them the whole time. And I’m sure he was free for the night Furthur was scheduled!

By Brad markham - 08/13/14

Rushed because of fear of ticket sales. Feel they could have done much better.  Peter and Co.  I am underwhelmed

By Bill Sweeney - 08/13/14

Why don’t we see who will perform with Bill…

By Denny - 08/13/14

I’m with you there. I have faith.

By Kevbo - 08/13/14

I agree with Bill Sweeney on this one.  Feels rushed.  They could have done better, I believe, but this was the best they could do in a rush.  Many people are likely very excited about Lettuce, however.  And the Locknstep Allstars lineup will probably blow us all away.

By SNL - 08/13/14

I for one am anticipating a stellar group of musicians will take the stage with Billy (hopefully with JK out front and center..)
“Once in a while you can shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right!”

Best wishes to Bobby Weir…

By Rich Forbes - 08/13/14

I’m confident that the line -up taking the stage with Bill Kreutzman will be appropriately awesome and a grate time will be had by all who are open to it. For starters, there are some superior players that suddenly became free agents for the Friday night slot.

By Rich "Brotpen" Brotman - 08/13/14

Bored with warren and john k

By Mke - 08/13/14

mr. shapiro: I invested in Lockn mainly to see Furthur and multiple RatDog shows.  Substituting Lettuce and Bill Kreutzmann is NOT an even trade. you should have done better.

By pat - 08/13/14

I knew a Super Jam would fill the Furthur spot! How awesome will it be to see an epic jam sess with members from all the seck bands?! Right on!

By Kel - 08/13/14

Lettuce and BK?  What a joke. That was not a lateral move. Not who I paid to see. I’ll be getting a refund.

By SM - 08/13/14


By wsmfp - 08/13/14

Should have put electric hot fucking tuna on the main stage.

By Mgk - 08/14/14

Funny they invite Bill Kreutzmann who has publicly dissed Furthur as a “glorified cover band”.  He also doesn’t like JK.

By DJG - 08/14/14

Haha you know it’s gonna be shit when they don’t even announce who will be playing with him. Shoulda gotten Trey Band or Russo’s Dead along with an extra set of Cheese or something. At the very least, Cheese needs to be billed above fucking Bill K’s whoever the fuck we can pull together last minute band.

By ank - 08/14/14

Also, why the fuck are all the late night shows acoustic bands? Dumpstafunk would be way better after show than Taj Mahal, and Grateful Grass or Cabinet would be better than DT and ST acoustic or Hot Tuna acoustic.

By ank - 08/14/14

I hope Kimock is in the Allstar Band. He is far superior to JK. I wonder if Phil will play bass. If not, he’s loosing a set. Wouldn’t mind seeing Oteil, George Porter Jr. or Schools taking the job.

Furthur bores me!

By Random Fan. - 08/14/14

Should have gotten Russo’s Almost Dead-they are great.  Billy dissing Further is probably a case of drum stick envy-Russo’s a hundred times better!

Also, three spots were cancelled-two were added.  Will there be another?  Lettuce is ok, but they’re an early in the day kind of band.  We are waiting for more-have they extended the refund deadline?

By gypsy davey - 08/14/14

How about adding Yonder-they are playing in Charlottesville the weekend before and don’t play again until Saturday the 6th at Catskill Chill.

By gypsy davey - 08/14/14

hot fucking electric tuna on the main stage c’mon Peter!

By doug mlyn - 08/14/14

These comments can be soooo funny. C’mon man. It’s all good.
Bring it on.

By GratefulDem - 08/14/14

If Bill K. supergroup is anything like 7 Walkers than I know it’s gonna rock!!!  Can’t judge until after the performance no matter who is in the band!!

By therollingstone - 08/14/14

Stoked that Lettuce will be at Lockn!! They are funking awesome! Love some Billy too! Very excited still. Best wishes for Bobby

By Kyle Heller - 08/14/14

Would love to see ABB more than once in the line-up!!!

By Dave A. - 08/14/14

You really have to see who is playing the super jam and can only judge after the performance…...

By therollingstone - 08/15/14

Lots of good suggestions here. I am going to enjoy myself no matter who is on stage; no one expected this tribe/vibe to be around this long, and it just keeps getting bigger and better.

Does anyone else see the irony of Bill Kreutzmann calling Furthur a cover band when every band he has played in since Jerry died has covered the same Dead tunes everyone else does?  I first saw the Dead in 1969, and I love watching and listening to anyone who still wants to pay homage to this music. (“The music still plays the band”—whoever shows up on stage.)  I could care less about what Billy or any of these fans in diapers have to say about Kadlecik. Phil Lesh and Bob Weir’s opinions are good enough for me.  Billy ought to take the dare; he might actually enjoy playing with John!

By Ed Osborn - 08/16/14

The talent behind LockN will provide Phish for a special bonus!  Go enjoy the music, people, land, food and positive energy.

By RAN - 08/18/14

“Crater Mountain”—I know no one’s heard of them because their debut album, “Hillbilly Starship” just came out, and, despite beauty being in the eye of the beholder, trust me—most everyone here (if not all) are going to find this band/music BEAUTIFUL, ROCKIN, WEIRD, CRAZY, GROOVEY AND JUST PLUMB OUTTA SIGHT. Clear, undeniable Grateful Dead influence on 100% originals.

‘Nuff said—I’ll let the music speak for itself . . . cdbaby has Track 6 “The Riverside Range” download for FREE! iTunes, amazon, cdbaby each tune is $0.99 or whole album of 12 tunes for 10 bucks or so.

HEY, YEAH YOU, THE promoters simply get these guys NOW! Just LISTEN TO THEM (I know in your copious free time). But still FIND THE TIME to listen to them . . . I guarantee 99.9% of the folks will completely DIG them, especially this group of folks headed to Lock’n!  try it; you’ll like it.  Book them for Lock’n even at this 11th hour; the fans will LOVE them!

I do not know a single one of ya, but I would NOT steer ANY of ya wrong: checkout Crater Mountain’s “Hillbilly Starship” asap

By Neon Noodle - 08/18/14

They did what they could in a very short time. I am just happy and fortunate to go and enjoy a shit load of great music. No matter who they put in there would be people complaining. ANK do you know who Taj Mahal is? His version of Statesboro Blues is the song that inspired Duane Allman to play slide. Not to mention all the other accomplishments in his 50 year career. He is a legend. I love Dumpstaphunk and I respect your opinion but you should be so lucky to have a chance to see Taj Mahal.

By CDA - 08/19/14

Bunch of Debbie Downers on here! Its all good! I just cant wait to jam, whoever it may be on stage!

By Indiana jones - 08/19/14


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