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Audio Premiere: MiWi La Lupa “Radio”

November 06, 2013

MiWi La Lupa's debut recording for Team Love Records is set for release on January 21. MiWi, an original member of Red Baraat, who has performed with David Byrne, Les McCann, Femi Kuti, Charlie Hunter, and El-P draws in a variety of guests players on New Way Home, including Bill Frisell and label-founder Conor Oberst. Today we premiere "Radio" from the forthcoming album, which is now available for pre-order.



By Sister - 11/06/13

Mi Wi is music. This entire album is one of the best albums that Ive heard in the last ten years. -Sam Jones

By Sam Jones - 11/06/13


By Anna Smith{dancer&singer;/songwriter} - 11/06/13

So amazing to finally hear MiWi’s solo work!  If “Radio” is any indication (which it most certainly is) New Way Home is going to be on the most exciting releasing of the year.

By ThaEquator - 11/08/13

I love everything this man does.  From Space Between to Thought to Knights on Earth, Charlie Hunter Trio and Red Baraat.  I’m looking forward to this solo record very much and from the sound of this song I know I’m going to love the whole album.  Way to go MiWi!  You deserve all of your success and more!  Hway to go!

By Andrew - 11/08/13

I caught him opening for Conor Oberst in Omaha this summer, and have had his songs stuck in my head ever since. I can’t wait for the full album to come out so I can sing along all day.

By Huffman - 11/08/13

Lovin this track.  SO darn catchy, been stuck in my head all day!

By Schmutz - 11/08/13

This is great.  Lookin forward to the LP!

By Burner - 11/08/13

I love everything I have heard from Mi Wi and he is great live! I am very excited to get this album! He’s a genuinely kind and talented person, can’t wait to see where he goes from here.

By Jamie - 11/08/13

i love Miwi !!!

By Flossi DeLa Gruxv - 11/10/13

look out for this on the cover of rolling stone soon

By nem - 11/10/13

MiWi rules! Sounds great (like everything else MiWi has ever touched) and I VERY much look forward to a Midwest hootenanny featuring MiWi’s solo tour (hint hint).  Hway to go indeed!!

By Starrship - 11/11/13

I love it!  Way to go MiWi - I hope I hear this song on the radio VERY soon!

By Ratstud - 11/11/13

Best best man evah… and an ever betta musician. You my bloy, boo! Lookin forward to the FULL album!!!

By The Rev. Dr. Bauch - 11/12/13

SO excited for your new album…..  can NOT wait to get our copy!!!  SO proud of you! Continue to follow your dreams! Best of luck!

By Sonja - 11/14/13

Great song to dance and twirl to…..  thanks unka monk

By Alexi and Nellie - 11/14/13


By Melody - 11/14/13

It’s lovely….I’m happy for your success.

By Astrid - 11/19/13

This Shit makes me so happy

By Big joe - 11/24/13


By statusquo - 12/03/13

love the new album!!

By sabrina - 12/30/13

cant wait for the new release to come out on the radio ..

By Adam B - 12/30/13

so crazy how far you’ve came and knowing that I’ve learned from you being such an inspiration to me now especially being my piano teacher when I was younger. I hope I can be as successful as you.

By mariah's cousin ;p (Sabrina) - 12/30/13

heyy you cuutttteeee doe

By #1 fan bebe - 12/30/13

Got it now MiWi!! interesting music…New and refreshing!

By Docco! - 01/03/14


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