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Consider The Source: World War Trio (Part I)

by Peter DeStefano on March 05, 2015

New York’s sci-fi Middle Eastern fusion three-piece Consider The Source have released the first part of their triple EP, World War Trio, to winning effect. Trio (Part I) is a six-movement journey through time and space called “Put Another Rock in That Bag” that borders on classical while clearly representing the unmistakable CTS sound, progressively blending funk, metal, jazz and Middle Eastern styles. “Put Another Rock in that Bag I” makes a sparkling, energetic entrance touting a distinctly ominous guitar melody, undoubtedly voiced by some MIDI wizardry on the part of double-neck electric guitarist Gabriel Marin. “Part II” and “III” are uncharacteristically slow for CTS, and prominently feature pleasantly meandering tunes leading to a tumbling peak in the last minute of “Part III.” “Part IV” and “V” methodically rise to the intensity of “Part I” before “Part VI” lands on its initial eerily voiced passage and an ultimately colossal denouement.

Artist: Consider The Source
Album: World War Trio (Part I)
Label: Sefl-Released



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