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September 2014 Relix Magazine Sampler: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers "Forgotten Man"
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Yonder Mountain String Band Talks Phish, Plays “Sand”

September 30, 2014

In honor of Trey Anastasio's 50th birthday, here is a video of Yonder Mountain String Band performing in our boiler room here at Relix HQ. The quartet covered of "Sand" last year in honor of Phish's impending birthday.


AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Thank u Relix!!!!!

By Steve - 12/02/13


By hbomb - 12/02/13

Happy anniversary Phish!  I love both these bands so much.  They are all incredible musicians that seem so humble and genuinely good.  I’ve had my happiest moments - those free, blissfully happy, heart bursting moments at Phish and Yonder shows.  Very cool to learn of the link between them.  Great job on the cover guys!  Can’t wait till my next show!

By Niki - 12/02/13

Sat next to Jeff and his buddy at Red Rocks second night 09.  It was an amazing show and we had a great time.  I had no idea who he was, and I think he enjoyed that haha…

By ScrayJay - 12/02/13

We had a McGrupp lined up and everything!!! Love it..

By ScrayJay - 12/02/13

I wonder if he was talking about Hill Auditorium ‘94 with Jeff Mosier on banjo. Where they did Pig in a Pen, Tennessee Waltz, Foggy Mountain Breakdown -> Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. Did that set inspire the creation of Yonder?

By Jay King - 12/02/13

Good thinking, Jay. I wonder if we could get Jeff to confirm / deny.

By Ray - 12/02/13

I wish Ben would carry and use a real upright for things like this.

By andy - 12/03/13

awesome, thanks so much.

By bmanMA - 12/03/13


By HatfieldsDaddy - 12/04/13

This is SO awesome. Thank you

By Sebastian R. - 12/09/13



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