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Sister Sparrow Needs Your Help! (Equipment Theft)

November 26, 2013

This past weekend, Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds suffered a major blow when they had $11,000 worth of gear stolen. Here, the band tells how you can help and offers a message to the thieves, wherever they are.


some people just suck, wish the best for these guys

By stephen - 11/26/13

Horrible people. My heart goes out to you Sparrows.

By Mary Gerdt - 11/26/13

Sorry for your loss.  I’ve seen this happen before to some friends of mine. Thieves DO NOT CARE how badley they hurt us as long as they get the money for drugs.  America was playing at St. Francis University years ago and i rem when someone stole their guitars from their equipment van . We were so bummed cause it happened here in our back yard to a group we love. Never got their axes back as far as i know.

By dave from patton - 11/26/13

Wow, sorry to hear that. I am looking forward to seeing you on Dec. 14th in Fairfield, Ct. I hope it works out for you.

By Ralph DeMusis - 11/26/13

ralph—- they’ve canceled shows because they have no gear. My computer isn’t allowing the video to play, but I think a drive or something is needed… unless they already have something similar going.

By steve b - 11/27/13

311 lost all of their gear in a van fire back in the day. They didn’t even make a video or have a website and their fans got together and bought them everything new. I have always thought that was really cool. I hope the same happens for you guys (and girl).

By Alex Caminiti - 12/03/13



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