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June 2015 Relix Magazine Sampler: Tame Impala- Let It Happen
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Lee DeWyze “Fight”

May 02, 2014

Lee DeWyze shares the lead track from his latest album Frames. The 2010 American Idol winner delivers two versions of each song on Frames, both acoustic and electric. Here he delivers an acoustic "Fight," live at Relix.


Who needs a full band when the two of you can rock it out like that!! You guys are so amazing ! Love the cymbals on Marco’s shoes lol!! Lee you sound incredible as always. Thanks for sharing!

By Kathy aka Chipkate - 05/02/14

Haven’t been able to stop playing the Frames CD since buying it at Lee’s Annapolis show a month ago.Lee is one of the most talented guys in the music industry today. Just hope that more people discover his amazing voice!

By Carol Powers - 05/02/14

I have loved Lee and his music ever since I first heard him sing. He is such a talented singer/songwriter. He is also a fantastic person, kind, generous and interactive with his fans. He really deserves so much more recognition, in my opinion, than he gets.

By wyche bartles - 05/03/14

Wow! You two sound amazing!  Thanks for sharing.

By Uniqueme114 - 05/04/14



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