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June 2015 Relix Magazine Sampler: Tame Impala- Let It Happen
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Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Noah Hunt “I’m A King Bee”

August 06, 2014

Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Noah Hunt perform a stripped-down version of a Slim Harpo classic that also appears on the special edition of Shepherd's Live! In Chicago album. His latest record is Goin' Home.


Awesome!! KWS Band Rocks!!!

By Doug - 08/08/14

Noah’s got the greatest pipes, love listening!

By emilie - 08/08/14

Slim Harpo

By Todd Vernon - 08/08/14

Uh huh! Oh YEAH, baby! This is how it’s DONE!

By Baja Rock Pat - 08/08/14

gooou jaryi!!

By Alexis - 08/08/14

The tunes is far different than Slim Harpo ‘s recording.

By Maey - 08/08/14

Loving it! They sang this when we saw them earlier this year. Fab!!

By Necomez - 08/08/14

Noah just simply has The Best growl!!

By Lainey - 08/08/14

Noah still has it. Great success for a great human.

By Laura - 08/08/14

Love this song! Heard it in Independence, MO several years ago when you were last here with TUF!

By Cindy - 08/08/14

KWS great solo. Love it acoustic!!!

By Esther - 08/08/14

Absolutely love, Love, LOVE Noah Hunt’s Voice!!!  Always been a Kenny Wayne Fan!

By Angie Reed - 08/08/14

I thought I heard this at a little bar in cinci called Stanley’s.

By Wyatt - 08/09/14

One of my favorites u guys rock

By g williams flint mi. - 08/10/14

I remember the first time I heard KWS my husband and I kept passing each other down different aisles at the music store just give each other the look of our appreciation, finally we asked who the band was and we have been hooked ever since.  Got to see you at Pachanga in CA and was order by my doctor to not speak for several days.  Awesome, love Noah’s voice, Kenny’s playing and can’t wait to catch the Hendrix experience in Indio…Buying tickets and can only hope my husband is home so he can go with me.

By Darlene Putrick - 09/07/14



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