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June 2015 Relix Magazine Sampler: Tame Impala- Let It Happen
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Jeff Waful +1 Episode Four: Jam Cruise

December 05, 2013

What happens when we disconnect from one world and connect to another? Jeff Waful hits the open seas for a special report on Jam Cruise 11.

In addition to all of the live performances included in this episode, the following is a list of songs that were also featured.

Composed and Performed by
Rob Marscher
Moloko Music

"...And We Became Sunshine"
Composed and Performed by
The Uglysuit

Composed and performed by
Jaga Jazzist

"In The Cave"
Composed and Performed by
Pepe Deluxé

"Eyes Closed"
Composed and Performed by
Big Gigantic

"Mr. Limbic"
Composed and Performed by

"Even Now"
Composed and Performed by
Keith Kenniff


Cool video . I plan on attending in the future

By Jayrose - 12/08/13


By dude - 12/08/13

Doesn’t play all the way through. Bummer

By Jimmer - 12/09/13

Stoking out first timers for this year…thanks

By Chris - 12/13/13

Ahhhhhhh.  We’re almost there again.  Incredible report.  I’m filled with the great feelings we all get when we’re on the boat.  Thanks for the prelude.

By Mikey C. - 12/19/13

Thanks for this. Kinda helps with not being able to go this trip.

By Pam Mack - 12/20/13

GREAT video! It really nails the vibe and how beautiful it is. I got some first timers coming this year but won’t let then watch this, I think it’ll be fun for them to have this pit it all together at the end. I want them to go in full of wonder : )

By Fats - 05/12/15



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