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Video: Watch the Grateful Dead Play at the Beat Club in 1972

July 03, 2014

NCM Fathom and Rhino Entertainment will present the Grateful Dead Meet Up this year at various cinemas beginning July 17. The screening will include a live studio performance of the Grateful Dead from the Berlin Beat Club captured during the band’s European tour in 1972 with remastered audio.

In addition to the screening, the night will also include a behind the scenes exclusive of the making of Spring 1990: The Other One featuring interviews with Bob Weir, mastering engineer Jeffrey Norman and other Dead World luminaries.

Watch the trailer for the film below.


Wonder why they were in the studio while on tour??

By Warren Gang - 07/03/14

^ uhhhh lemme think to practice… Geez they are not gods but musical gods ... Key word in there music so makes them musicians and what do musicians do ... Play!!!!

By Sean bays - 07/03/14

no, it’s not a studio, it’s a TV studio. This was aired on TV.

By desertdan - 07/04/14

i think there is much better stuff out there, than a something from a tv studio.

By Janet Jost - 07/05/14

I’m looking forward to seeing prime ‘72 Dead, and I pity those who need to negativize the show before even seeing it. smile

By Steve Elliott - 07/15/14

Why so negative? Go, don’t go, but if you go just have a great tiem.

By donnyboy - 07/16/14

Only Relix readers would make such ridiculous comments about a prime ‘72 Grateful Dead film.

By Skoog - 07/18/14


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