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Video: Trixie Garcia Talks Hanging With Tupac

May 09, 2014

Trixie Garcia stopped by The Pete Holmes Show to talk all things Grateful Dead with the host including her rebellion against the scene her father helped create which included her bringing Tupac to their house when she was 16. One of the funniest aspects of the interview is Trixie explaining her point of view as a child in that era, thinking (like any kid would) that her parents were uncool.

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Holmes has dipped into the music world recently on his show, even writing a song with The National's Matt Berninger. Watch a replay of Trixie recounting the Tupac story and more below.

Trixie Talkin' Grateful Dead

Tupac Visits Jerry's House


Relix is so off their game recently

By Ha ha ha - 05/09/14

WTF is up with the image you’re using? Couldn’t you have done a more flattering job of capturing Trixie’s face? Awful.

By Jerry Detached Finger - 05/09/14

Yeah this interview is terrible

By mike - 05/09/14

I think Holmes mother did acid.

By J.R. - 05/09/14

The image is her wink face, clearly you didn’t watch the videos.

By Jerry finger nub - 05/09/14

Seems like everyone is sipping on the hatorade.  I enjoyed this short interview.  I like Pete Holmes and this is an interesting perspective, but I do think you could use the better screen grab lol

By vinchooch - 05/09/14

I’m pretty sure Trixie’s approval was requested before this was published. Of all the wrong things going on in the world, and you are worried about a cute wink?!? WOW!!!

By TimGGG - 05/09/14

Cute wink? I thought that she has suffered a stroke and was in recovery.

By mike - 05/09/14

She’s adorable!

By KJR - 05/09/14

I remember sitting (lol, dancing with) next to Trixie at a Warfield show during in the late ‘80-‘90s. I fell love that night, and I didn’t even know who she was til the next morning. Shes looking great!

By john - 05/09/14

had great possibilities, but lame interview and interviewer

By Andrea - 05/09/14

unpleasant interview of an unattractive, unpleasant person. all of her interviews are uncomfortable to watch. she didn’t inherit the warmth or intelligence of her father. she should stay far away from cameras and try to develop some talent of her own.

By Danny - 05/09/14

she’s great

By fwwank - 05/09/14

To all you haters, try to find some love and compassion in this world! She is a work of art to complex in her simplicity for you narrow minded folks to see!

By KCH - 05/09/14

danny, you are an ass hole.

By kdawg - 05/10/14

I completely understand Trixie’s rebellion against her parents Jerry and Mountain Girl, however Pete Holmes questioning was disrespectful, and out of line!

By Chris Wilson - 05/10/14

Hey people, could we curtail the negative comments out of respect for one of Jerry’s daughters? Please. It’s too easy to post a a cowardly comment on the internet without practicing simple consideration for another human beings feelings.

By manasha Garcia - 05/10/14

That guy was a total bawbag.

By Davie - 05/10/14

Wow…i thought she was completely beautiful and a lovely presence.

By pop - 05/10/14

Gorgeous woman love vid and I’m sure she doesn’t care about anyones criticism anyway

By jason gilcrease - 05/10/14


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