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Here’s a Lovely “Resolution” from Umphrey’s McGee to Start Your Day

August 24, 2016

Umphrey's McGee's "Resolution" comes in two parts most of the time, and "Resolution" is best when those two improv sections differ. In the case of the August 4, 2016 version in Peoria, IL, you have exactly that. 

As the latest pro-shot video to hit YouTube from Team UM, you will be treated to two distinct styles of Umphrey's jamming, as the first section features some of the more soaring, dual-guitar offerings from the group while the second section turns into a dingy, synth-y jam fit for a crowded night club somewhere in Europe. Both different, both very, very good. There you have a recipe for a strong "Resolution." 

Let this serve as a kickstart for your morning. 

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