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Basketball Player That Inspired Phish’s “The Line” Discusses Reaction to Song

by Sam D'Arcangelo on May 28, 2015

Photo by Dean Budnick

The basketball player that inspired Phish’s Fuego track “The Line” has shared his thoughts on the tune in a new interview that was posted to YouTube. JamBase pointed out the video, in which Darius Washington Jr. discusses his reaction to the news that he inspired the song.

Trey Anastasio explained the story behind "The Line" when Phish debuted the track during their 2013 Halloween set at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. While the guitarist incorrectly stated that Washington’s flub took place during a Final Four game, he did mention that Washington’s missed free throw shots inspired the song (Washington also appears to mistakenly believe that one of the members of Phish played basketball in college). In actuality, Washington’s missed free throws came at the end of the 2005 Conference-USA tournament, when Washington’s own Memphis State lost to Louisville in the game’s final minutes. Following his college career, Washington made his way to Europe, where he now plays for the the Czech basketball team CEZ Nymburk.



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