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Wall Street Journal Columnist Takes a Shot at The Grateful Dead

by Sam D'Arcangelo on January 30, 2015

Wall Street Journal columnist Joe Queenan has some negative words for the Grateful Dead and their fans in a new piece that was published today. The article--titled "Please, Grateful Dead, Don't Keep Truckin' On"--begins with the line, "In an enormously generous gesture to the American people, the Grateful Dead appear to be packing it in for good this summer after three concerts in Chicago," before delving into the details of the writer's contempt for the band.

Queenan describes the Grateful Dead's music as "plodding, limp, turgid, languid, unoriginal, inanimate, self-indulgent stoner music, an embarrassing relic from a bygone era," and notes that he "hated the Dead because they couldn't play fast." The rest of the article, which you can check out here, reads more or less like the above.

As previously reported,the surviving core four members of the Grateful Dead will team up with Trey Anastasio, Bruce Hornsby and Jeff Chimenti for "Fare Thee Well," a three-night 50th anniversary celebration that is set to take place July 3-5 at Chicago's Soldier Field. The event's organizers--Relix publisher Peter Shapiro and Madison House--have already received over 350,000 mail-in ticket requests, so it looks there are at least a few people out there that disagree with Queenan.



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