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Video: The Ultimate Phish Setlist

by Rob Slater on August 05, 2014

"Down with Disease"

They say listening to the Reading "Disease" daily will add five years onto your life. So, do it.


Quite possibly their most reliable jam vehicle in the 3.0 era, the second set continues with "Carini." What better way to demonstrate the power of the song in its current state than reliving the incredible version delivered at the band's latest Hampton Coliseum run last fall.

"Harpua" > "The Lizards"

"Harpua" and "The Lizards" have only been paired together once--at the weather-plagued Northerly Island run in 2013. Phish welcomed the cast of Second City to do "Harpua" "the right way" and then broke into "The Lizards" after that. Given all the rain that fans had to sit through during the weekend, they certainly earned that segment.


The 2.0 years certainly brought an edge and grit to Phish's jamming style, and no tune benefited from this more than "Tweezer." Here, in one of their first shows back, they ripped an incredible 26-minute "Tweezer" that ignited the crowd to start the second set. There have been some great recent versions too (we recently celebrated one of them), and if this one doesn't wet your appetite, here are 40 more you should check out.

"Colonel Forbin's Ascent" > "Fly Famous Mockingbird"

You all sure like narrations. Anyway, here is a true old-school "Forbin's" with a lovely Gamehendge narration from Trey that ultimately leads into "Fly Famous Mockingbird."


While YouTube couldn't produce a video of THE "Fluffhead" from 7/24/99 at Alpine Valley (a venue Phish must go back to sometime soon), this is still a wonderfully executed version from the stellar 10/16/10 show in Charleston, SC. Trey really leans into his solo at the end and drives it. Kuroda lights up the arena like a Christmas tree, too.

"You Enjoy Myself"

Set two comes to a close with a monster version of "You Enjoy Myself" courtesy of 12/9/95 in Albany, NY. The Albany "YEM" is a masterpiece from start to finish and is one that every Phish fan should seek out.

"Harry Hood"

To start the encore, you fans wisely chose "Harry Hood." This well-known version from 12/31/93 is wonderful in its own right. Trey hits the Tube Screamers and it's 'game on' all the way to 1994, producing a stellar version of the song. However, the beauty of "Hood" is in the eye of beholder. Be sure to seek out 11/23/96 for a different take on the song, further proving its versatility.

"Tweezer Reprise"

The Reprise so nice they played it twice. Goodnight.

Here's the full setlist:

Set I: Punch You In The Eye, The Moma Dance, Reba, Vultures, Tube > Bathtub Gin > Maze, Divided Sky, Split Open and Melt > Run Like An Antelope

Set II: Down With Disease > Carini > Harpua > The Lizards > Tweezer > Colonel Forbin's Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird > Fluffhead, You Enjoy Myself

Encore: Harry Hood > Tweezer Reprise

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I just played all the videos at once and heard the voice of the Unit Monster.

By Glerg - 08/05/14

Mike’s song is missing

By Ed - 08/05/14

You mean unic monster

By s.l.c phan - 08/06/14

D sky soam
Are all sick
Good choices tube p.y.i.t.e

By s.l.c phan - 08/06/14

All are great although I’d put Mike’s Song and Suzy in there

By Ben - 08/06/14

Actually the northerly show went the other way around, and it wasn’t an > either. Lizards, then the worst Harpua ever. Check your setlists. Just saying.

By bobby w - 08/06/14

Well done guys. Great Went gin for dayzzzzz. Maybe th boys will catch wind of this and drop it for New Years

By Joe - 08/06/14

So, the ultimate phish setlist isn’t a full Gamehenge narrative? How?

By k.russell - 08/07/14

The ultimate setlist should probably include one cover ... I suggest Crosseyed and Painless

By Jack - 08/07/14

Also ... no Ghost? No Mike’s>Simple>Groove? I think the ultimate setlist should have merited a three set show, and a few more newer songs as well.

By Jack - 08/07/14

Contract with northerly forbids alpine?  How does this bs work? Is that why they don’t play deer creek anymore?

By Philbaby - 08/12/14

You meant unique monster.

By Jefvos - 08/12/14

what about Ghost?

By craig - 08/12/14

stash / ghost / the line / character zero / weekapaug groove / birds of a feather / bug / down with disease / wolfmans brother / 555 / halfway to the moon / sample in a jar / first tube / sand / tweezer

By JD - 08/13/14

Character Zero

By Hibiya - 08/13/14


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