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Video: Rob Derhak and Ryan Stasik Brawl Backstage at Summer Camp

by Rob Slater on May 28, 2014

In an ugly scene backstage this past weekend at Summer Camp, the respective bassists for Umphrey's McGee and moe. seemed to have some sort of disagreement leading to an altercation that left Ryan Stasik with two beer bottles smashed over his head. The two then wrestled to the ground as onlookers watched with looks of horror on their faces.

(Read: Umphrey's McGee Deliver the Goods at Summer Camp)

Despite a weekend full of collaborating and friendship, it's a shame such an incident will inevitably grab the headlines. Brendan Bayliss's face really says it all. A sad chapter in the Summer Camp era. Watch the replay below.




This is stupider than a Tea Party person at a climate change conference.

By Doug - 05/28/14

yea it is

By Doug - 05/28/14

By DYLAN - 05/28/14

guy in the green shirt is ridiculously hot! wouldn’t mind busting a few bottles with him wink

By JORDAN - 05/28/14

Loving the energy of this vid! You can see two best friends just having a good time, without a care in the world! They were laughing and just living life to the fullest, you could see how much they just enjoyed one another’s company and just really bonded in a way that is incredible!! It had smiling SO much when they laid together at the end showing that no matter WHAT happens even if there is a fight here or there friends will ALWAYS love one another and be there through everything life throws your way! Thanks for the great post relix you guys bring the best out in all of us and really bring the community a lot of good smiles and laughs!

By John M. - 05/28/14

my friend russ loves when I peg him hehe smile

By Haley - 05/28/14

This was a real fight. I don’t appreciate some of these comments, although Austin hit me up

- Rob

By Rob Derhak - 05/28/14

This started out real but we decided to make it friendly smile

By Rob Derhak - 05/28/14

OMG these comments are not me! I only pegged Russell ONCE

By Haley - 05/28/14

as I caress sweet johnathans hair I can’t help but to think wow I want to spend the rest of my life with this guy.. Hopefully he is up for all the crazy things id do to him mmmmmmm john Menue

By Alex Farina - 05/28/14

That video needs more Farag.

By Allen Schilling - 05/28/14


By TREE TOP - 05/28/14

dat sugar glass doe

By butcher - 05/28/14

Very very lame…

By Perry Ferrell - 05/28/14

gotta love that sugar glass smile  Thankfully!  BOTH YOU GUYS F’N ROCK!!  Thanks for rocking us to the core EVERY show!!

By Tennessee Phred - 05/28/14

Bunch of sissy boys.

By Christine - 05/29/14

Axel would approve. Up until the April Fools part anyways.

By Wes Carter - 05/29/14


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