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Video Premiere: “Statesboro Blues” with Taj Mahal and Gregg Allman

April 23, 2014

A number of high-profile artists traveled to Atlanta's Fox Theatre in January to honor Gregg Allman by performing his original material and other tunes long associated with him. On May 6 Rounder Records will issue All My Friends - Celebrating The Songs And Voice of Gregg Allman on Blu-Ray/DVD/CD which presents the many highlights from the evening. Today we premiere a version of "Statesboro Blues" with Allman and Taj Mahal. Back in the late 1960s, Gregg's brother Duane heard Taj Mahal's band perform "Statesboro" and was so taken with Jesse Ed Davis' efforts on slide guitar that he decided to learn how to play it himself.


Smoking hot!  Taj and Gregg both still have it in spades!

By Richard Lent - 04/23/14


By Senior Lupe St Paul - 04/23/14

Sure thats not Jack Pearson on the slide?

By Mitchell - 04/23/14

it is Jack Pearson

By Rob H - 04/23/14

Can not believe I missed this concert. Had to be the concert of the century!

By Levi Hollingsworth - 04/23/14

Gregg sounds awesome

By joyce - 04/23/14

Is that Chuck Leavell on piano?

By Mark - 04/23/14

Sounds and looks like Chuck Leavell on piano

By Doug - 04/23/14

It was the concert of the century….....yes that’s Chuck…....

By Joel Mann - 04/23/14

Love Greg my brother just got to see him in florida! Still the man! love you guys so much

By sandra - 04/23/14

I’ve met Taj, what an amazingly nice man. Also still just incredible to see.

By James Walsh - 04/23/14


By Barbara Anne Hyder - 04/24/14

Jack freakin’ Pearson!!!

By M. Peters 4/24/14 - 04/24/14

I saw the Allman Brothers at the Fox many moons ago. It was awesome. Unfortunately I did not hear about the tribute concert until the day it happened. Much gnashing of teeth followed! Couldn’t get the wife to go for $400 a ticket that was being asked on StubHub. I’ll definitely be ordering the Blu-Ray, however!

By Russell - 04/24/14

This is f*cking awesome. Wish I could have been there.

By Roseanne Salyer - 04/25/14

Gregg’s 2 Macon, Ga shows 12/28/13 & 1/14/14 @ The Grand Opera Theatre were unbelievable. He is looking and sounding the best I can remember. (he has been working out) yes sir he is back!

By BluePeach - 05/02/14

I’ve been a Gregg Allman / Allman Bros. fan since I was 15 years old!  I’ve seen Gregg Allman perform in Detroit each time he played!  Love you, Gregg!

By Gayle - 05/08/14


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