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Video Premiere: SHEL “Vinyl Memories”

May 28, 2014

The new video from SHEL is the product of over 10,000 individual images taken by the band. SHEL, which draws together which draws together sisters Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza Holbrook (and combines their first initials in the band name) is returning to the group's Colorado home for a series of dates after some international touring. In celebration, they have released this video for "Vinyl Memories" which we premiere today.

Sarah Holbrook explains, "We shot the stop action video for "Vinyl Memories" while we were touring in Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, London and then Nashville taking around 10,000 individual photos. It seemed only appropriate to release it as we gear up to head back home to Colorado. We've been away for a long time."


SHEL! Just brilliant and so creative. Loved them from the moment I heard them. Keep making your own videos girls because “Nobody does it Better”

By Richard Budniak - 05/28/14

That must have been so much fun to put all that together!  And Liza, thanks for saying you look like me—what a boost to my ego!!!  Love you all so much!  So eager to see you before too long!!

By elly - 05/28/14

So creative and so crazy talented!!! No one like you!!
Love you girls

By Sandy - 05/31/14


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