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Video Premiere: JJ Grey & Mofro “This River”

March 05, 2014

Today we premiere the official video for "This River," the title track to the latest album from JJ Grey & Mofro. Brendan "Spookie" Daly, directed the video (the latest of his many collaborations with the band), which features celebrated actor Danny Aiello appearing as an older version of the character that Grey portrays in the vid.

On March 18 Grey will take to the road with the Southern Soul Assembly Tour, an action-packed artist-in-the-round performance series with Luther Dickinson, Anders Osborne and Marc Broussard.


Awesome! Love you guys! Play on!

By Kelly Carper - 03/05/14

When’re you guys comin to California?

By T-Rex - 03/05/14

JJ is one awesome Singer/Songwriter not many out there like him…. Come back to Minn/Wisc soon…

By Mark - 03/05/14

Wow! very moving, great performance. really makes you take a look at yourself. Loved it.

By Steve Shrum - 03/05/14

very nice J….. come to Greece!!!

By Yannis37 - 03/05/14

Wow!  Tears me up to see JJ crying during the deepest part of this song ‘cause he made me cry at that same point in the song when I heard him perform it acoustic at the Boca Blues Festival a couple months ago.  GREAT, GREAT SONG!

By Stacy - 03/05/14

Beautiful video for yet another amazing song. You have that rare ability to reach into people with your music. Thank You.

By Dave Benoit - 03/05/14

I have never had a song describe the way I feel like this song did, and the emotions that was put into the video just made it even better….powerful,and moving….awesome voice.JJ Grey…id like to shake your hand.

By Mitch Burton - 03/05/14

I just want to keep this song and JJ Grey a little secret all to myself and not share with people. However, it’s just to good, no GREAT not to share!! Love it!!

By Melissa Young - Mississippi - 03/05/14

@ Stacy I was at the Boca Blues Festival and he was fumbling to play an encore song.  I yelled out “John, play This River!”  He looked at me and said, “I do requests!” and smiled.  I yelled out “Nice!” and “Thank You!”  That was his encore song! I love this song!

By Ron - 03/05/14

Wow! Great video!

By J Kyle - 03/05/14

Gut Bucket Blues…thank you for another gem!

By John Dude - 03/05/14

That was very moving. Great Artist

By Butch Gamache - 03/05/14

we are waiting for you in phoenix!!!

By Viktoria Ertel - 03/05/14

Gave me the chills. This could have been my life. Thank you JJ. Much love my brother.


By ric aruffo - 03/05/14

Brilliant!!!!!....Any chance of a British tour???

By Richard Wright - 03/05/14

WOW! Just wow. Thanks JJ for singing my song. Come back to Seattle, soon.

By shaynan - 03/05/14

Thank you for doing what you do. I love your music. I hope to hear it in person one day. This song touched home for me. My 14 yr old son passed away in an accident 3yrs ago this month and most days I feel numb inside.I have many times sat by the water thinking . He loved the water. And we have plenty in Fl smile

By Jessica Snow - 03/05/14

I’m that girl

By Tori - 03/05/14

I’m the small girl. Not the adult.

By Tori - 03/05/14


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