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Video Premiere: Gangstagrass “Keep Talking”

March 27, 2014

Brooklyn's Gangstagrass perform the theme song to the acclaimed FX series Justified. Actress Joelle Carter who portrays Ava Crowder on the show is a fan of the group and appears in their new official video, which we premiere today. "Keep Talking" is the from the latest Gangstagrass album, Broken Hearts and Stolen Money.

Credits: Featuring Joelle Carter of FX show, Justified
Production Company: Attention Soldier Productions
Producer: Ryan Patrick McGuffey
Director: Elle Schneider
Asst. Director: Lily Cade
Joelle Carter
Andy Mackenzie
Kandis Erikson
Chandrea Patterson
Lily Cade
Dalton Gaudin
Steven Slater



By Stevetard - 03/27/14

Great song and video….love it.  Seen Gangstagrass twice now and can’t wait to see them again.  Love the new CD….all great songs..

Well done

By Gary T. - 03/27/14

I love this video. Another wonderful song by Gangstagrass, and Joelle Carter’s vibrancy fills the screen. The video made me want to know how all these women were connected and exactly what the dead guy had done.

By Tammy Franklin - 04/05/14


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