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Video Premiere: Donna the Buffalo “Working On That”

November 20, 2013

Today we premiere a new music video for a fan-favorite track from Donna the Buffalo's latest album Tonight, Tomorrow and Yesterday. The group's co-founder Jeb Puryear wrote the song, of which he explains, "There is a growing cross section of good people, crossing all lines of race, border, religion and economics that will triumph. Their triumph will have no loser, for the victory is peace. Directed by Craig Aspen, of The Believers, “Working On That” features world champion hoop dancer Moontee Sinquah and his sons Sampson and Scott, evoking the great circle of life and also a healing vibe. Donna The Buffalo will return to the road on November 29 for a series of dates that will carry them into the new year.


Thanks, DaBabe. Skigirl and Majic.

By Kristine - 11/20/13

Beautiful song, Beautiful dancing- LOVE THIS BAND!!

By stephanie langley - 11/20/13

Ah, blissful music once again from DtB! Thanks so much!

By Jane Lamphier Atkin - 11/20/13

Grab your tools….

By DancinD - 11/20/13

lovin moontee and the boys!

By mjb fresh - 11/21/13

My favorite band once again nails it in such a fine way. Thanks Jeb,Tara, David, Kyle, and Mark for bringing us joy in a world where we all need to be working on that.

By Gr8fulEd - 11/22/13

It’s tough to be part of the herd while living in Idaho.  Great tune once
again.  Please come out west again!  We miss your music and vibe.

By jaycifer - 11/23/13

Sweet! Thanks DtB & Moontee. Looking forward to Green Parrot in KW!

By R&L Fuquay - 11/23/13

Wonderful song Jeb… thanks again.

By Tim n Boone - 11/23/13

Yes Indeed!  What a great combination.  See you in Key West.

By Miche - 12/03/13


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