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Video Premiere: Conspirator Live at Concord Music Hall

March 10, 2014

Back on Friday, February 1, Conspirator performed an intimate set at Chicago's Concord Music Hall. was on hand to record their performance and speak with the band. Today we premiere that video.

On Tuesday, Conspirator begins a Colorado run before heading south for a string of dates that will extend into April.


I feel like every time the other guys back off and give michetti the chance to take the lead the music starts to really struggle. Hes a good player but what he plays a lot of the time sounds out of place. I was still surprised by how much I liked it. Cool song, its no hot air balloon though.

By jon gutwillig - 03/10/14

they’re killing itttttttttttt

By Dylan L - 03/10/14

Brownie needs to NEVER use the term Nu Disco again. He has no fucking clue what he is even talking about and makes himself look like a loser.

By Jimmy - 03/10/14


By Ryan H - 03/10/14

One of the best shows Ive been to in a while

By Chris - 03/12/14

Even I know this sucks

By Marc Brownstein - 03/13/14

I need work. Badly.

By Allen Aucoin - 03/13/14

Chris, lay off of Marc. He is mine.

By Aron Magner - 03/13/14

Its never too late to change careers, guys.

By Samuel Altman - 03/13/14

Every new day is the first day of the rest of your life.

By Jamie Shields - 03/13/14

Hey what gives? This clown stole my minimalist approach to bass playing!

By Dan Kurtz - 03/13/14


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