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Video: Phish Play Fallon; Twitter Reacts

July 15, 2014

After three scorching shows at Randall's Island, Phish hung around the city for one more performance on Monday night as the band took to The Tonight Show stage for the first time under new host Jimmy Fallon. The band dug into two tracks, "Waiting All Night" for the broadcast and "Fuego" for the website. Both were obviously abbreviated but "Fuego" did include the full composition, clocking in at over 10 minutes.

Watch the replay below and remember that the band will webcast their three shows in Chicago this weekend via

"Waiting All Night"


As it is whenever Phish steps into the public eye, social media channels were particularly interesting to watch. This time, people (presumably Phish fans) were confused over Jon Fishman's white t-shirt getup especially after Phish tweeted a picture of the famed muumuu. Check out some of the best tweets on the topic and marvel at the sheer surprise people had that Fishman was wearing clothes.


1998 Fishman wore button down black shirt/black pants combo the whole Summer Tour….know your history.

By Brad Lackey - 07/15/14

He wore a similar looking black outfit at Walnut Creek 97 as seen on the DVD

By Habbs - 07/15/14

“Know your history”.  Disgustingly laughable that anyone would take something so uninteresting and showcase it as part of their center of knowledge.  #getalife

By Yuck - 07/15/14

in was 97 not 98

By c-rad - 07/16/14

maybe you should know YOUR phishtory my friend lol before you get all judgey…

By c-rad - 07/16/14

Still one of the best guitar players around.

By iLeonD - 07/17/14


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