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Video: Phish Celebrate Fuego on Letterman

by Rob Slater on June 25, 2014

As David Letterman prepares to retire and give way to Stephen Colbert, Phish paid the host one final visit in celebration of the release of their 12th studio album, Fuego. This time, the band would pull double duty as they'd perform on the show in the early afternoon and then occupy the Ed Sullivan Theatre for another hour-long set.

For the broadcast, Phish opted for "The Line," the tale of Darius Washington Jr.'s shortcomings on the basketball court some years ago. Letterman joked afterwards that he was indeed a founding member of the band but had to stop touring due to his television gig. There is no official confirmation of that fact as of yet.

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As for the Live on Letterman set, the band dug into far more older cuts than expected as they opened with "46 Days" and included tunes such as "Undermind," "Twist" and "Carini," the last of which nearly broke the balcony at the Ed Sullivan. The energetic crowd was also treated to new songs "555," "Devotion to a Dream" and Page McConnell's "Halfway to the Moon." Watch a replay of both performances below.

"The Line"

Live On Letterman



Can someone answer for me why Phish’s Live On Letterman performance is 2 hours and 52 minutes long? Did they play a full show? What was the setlist? Can someone please cover the news?

By Bill - 06/25/14

It was only an hour long set 46 days, undermind, halfway to the moon, carini>devotion to a dream, 555, twist encore: character zero. It’s on phish’s website also.

By Joe - 06/25/14

Should have Phil and Bobby .

By Weireveryweir - 06/25/14

Bill the clip there is 2 minutes and 52 seconds.

By brad - 06/25/14

It’s the same set three times.^^^

By Ed - 06/25/14


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