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Video: Justin Bieber Jams on “Divided Sky”

July 18, 2014

When Justin Bieber isn't drag-racing down the streets of Miami, he's apparently in the studio jamming on "Divided Sky" with longtime musical director (and Phish fan) Dan Kanter. Bieber, joined by Kanter and Andrew Watt, seemed to be enjoying digging into what is reportedly his favorite Phish song. And this concludes this week's edition of Relix: TMZ.

In an interview with, Kanter discussed bringing the Biebs to his first Phish show and the two sharing a moment during "Divided" that evening. Watch the brief acoustic jam posted by Scooter Braun, Bieber's manager, below.


Great another douchey Phish fan…

By Andy - 07/18/14

Bad biebs leave phish sacred

By Fluffhead - 07/18/14

You don’t know Phish, kid. Your a puppet of the Pop ‘music’ industry. You only exist to dance around and distract the ‘goyim’ out of their precios money.

By Noju Seer - 07/18/14

I dig it. At least the kid has decent taste in music. He’s never done me wrong, I ain’t got no reason to hate.

By Sam - 07/18/14

Make money on the Pop and enjoy the real stuff… Makes sense to me.

By Mags - 07/18/14

A new link from the Phish world to the pop mainstream… does that have to be looked at as bad?  Phish directly benefits with potential new fans hooked who are curious after seeing this.

By AdROC - 07/18/14

Just what we need…. a whole generation of douchebag beliebers-turned-wookie to increase the scene’s already borderline sketch-factor

By SB - 07/18/14

Bieber is actually a talented musician who can rock a drum set, and he can appreciate good music. It was his choice to “sell out” using his boyish good looks and hook pop music, not a bad business move on his part imho.

By CW - 07/18/14

Anyone bitching about this is a close-minded F&%k. People get to like whatever music they want - elitist pig fans not withstanding.

By elitist-pig-fan - 07/18/14

All he played is that little two chord part of the song. As soon as it was about to make the change they cut it off because that is the part where it starts to take off. He can’t play anymore of that song than that.  The music is way out of his ability.  At least he likes good music. To bad he doesn’t know how to make it.. The other guitar (musician) player was just amusing the little guy.

By biglar - 07/18/14

Wow - haters, calm down.  Bieber & Kanter are both really talented & Kuroda does their lights.  They actually put on a great show, for their target audience.  Must be doing something right, every show sells out…but that doesn’t mean he’s a sell-out.  He’s doing what he loves & making money at it - just like any other successful artist.  Musicians want to reach as many appreciative fans as possible, which is the whole reason for going on tour.  You think Phish puts their music out there just for one specific type of person - who happens to be you?  Then why even play shows?  Why not just send out special invitations for the fans who can keep their music private and “sacred?”  Please.  Music is for everyone…  Shut up & dance.

By Sugaree423 - 07/18/14

Agreed w Sugaree423

By Beezer421 - 07/18/14

Wow. He learned the easiest part of the song. Let’s see him play some scales over an odd time signature:)

By Beiber Hater - 07/18/14

Well said SUGAREE423. If only the majority of today’s scene had your insight and genuine outlook…Too much hating and forgetting the love we bring.

By JackAroe406 - 07/19/14

Donna Lee next!

By OldAgoura - 07/19/14

If he wants to jam Phish, Let him jam Phish.  I dont see what the big deal is.  I think EVERYBODY could use a little 2 minutes of silence followed by Trey making his guitar weep.

By GlpGeorge - 07/19/14

Dope! Don’t be all jealous of Bieber! Guys get all catty like girls when they realize they don’t have the talent or good looks that he has.  It’s pretty funny! Haters gonna hate.

By EllieFontane - 07/19/14

Dan Kanter is the douche here.

By Jay - 07/19/14

Beieber is trash, & PHISH is absolutely TERRIBLE… So many yuppies & yuppers.

By GetALife - 07/19/14

HA-HA-HA, good for JB!!

By Phish&Bieber; - 07/19/14


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