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Video: John Butler Trio Cover Pharrell Williams

by Rob Slater on April 14, 2014

John Butler Trio stopped by Triple J radio in Australia to perform in their "Like A Version" session where an artist plays one of their original songs and then one cover song. Butler, a native of Fremantle, AUS, elected to play Pharrell Williams' "Happy" along with his band.

This cover version, along with the millions others (a simple Google search will suffice), prove that 2014 is indeed the year of "Happy" much like 2013 was the year of another Pharrell track, "Get Lucky." Love him or hate him, Pharrell is the hitmaker and knows exactly what to do to get you and other musicians interested in his work. Watch the replay below.



Fuck Pharrell - While he is so “happy” so many millions of people are suffering and hurting and dying. But the general public wouldn’t eat that up, would they?

By Guy-Manuel De Homem Christo - 04/15/14

Love JBT!

By MusicFreak - 05/07/14


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