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Dave Matthews Offers Update on New Studio Album

May 22, 2015

It appears as if that new Dave Matthews Band studio album is coming along as the band breaks from the studio for their massive summer tour. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Matthews offered an update on the new material, saying that the band has indeed been in the studio attempting to make a record. 

He added, "I have been filling endless pages with scribble and occasionally coming up with one or two things that I don't find enormously embarrassing and then I stick those to the wall. We will probably try a few new tunes over the summer and if they go well, then maybe we will try a few more and we'll discover things playing them live that we should have done on the recordings and maybe go back to the drawing board."

At least one song has made it to the stage in the form of "Black and Bluebird," which debuted during the band's set on Legends on Letterman and has seen significant stage time since its debut. Watch the debut below. 

Matthews also dished on the band's summer tour and reflected on 20+ years at the helm of DMB, saying, "I think we are unique and a pretty badass band – maybe a little creakier than we once were." He also opened up on the band's radio identity, saying that it gives a "pretty one-sided view." Adding, "We are cursed and blessed with the fact that if you want to see what the band is like and get to know us, then you have to see us live or at least listen."

Other highlights include Matthews saying he's trying to recruit Gregg Allman to sit-in with the band at some point this summer as well as this evaluation of the current state of the band: "I am trying to be a better singer. Stefan [Lessard] is playing beautifully and we're just practicing all the time. I think the band is sounding, for whatever reason – it could just be my imagination – pretty funky. [We're] somewhere in between trying not to suck and not sucking."

Next up for DMB is a show tonight in Raleigh, NC.


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