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Video: Awesome Baby Only Stops Crying While Listening to Nine Inch Nails

by Rob Slater on July 07, 2014

Next time you see a parent on an airplane with a child in hysterics, you now know what to do. Take a page from this parent, who blasts Nine Inch Nails' "Copy of A" to calm the weeping infant (thankfully "Closer" wasn't the choice), much to the child's delight. The "ooh" let out when the beat kicks in will be the funniest thing you see all day.

One can only hope this young lady latches onto the teachings of Mr. Reznor and carries the industrial rock torch into the 21st century. I can only wonder if her reaction to the Death Grips break-up mirrored Reznor's.

Watch the joy unfold below.



i stop crying when paralyzed by fear. NIN makes stop crying as well. Although played long enough it will put in a murderous rampage. Just ask my former roommate.

By Richard - 07/07/14


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