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String Cheese Incident Play The Hill in Boulder (A Gallery)

April 30, 2014

The String Cheese Incident celebrated the release of their first studio album in nine years with a free show at The Hill in Boulder, CO. Fans gathered in front of a propped-up stage to dance the night away with the band. Larry Hulst shared some images from the show.


“white mediocre sounds ..wafting through the air like a nasty fart” - Dean Ween describing SCI

By TJKraft - 04/30/14

i respect the gentleman in this band when they respect each other & their community.  Mr. Travis was a real patient gentleman to speak to. 
Their sound, like other national acts that have aged, has gotten more “loose” & kind of drunken sounding as they have less time to rehearse, tour & spend time with each other, alone in a room as Phish has rediscovered.  That being said, this Boulder gig was high energy & people were dancing & grooving.
Were there pushy & impatient people shoving there way through the very tight crowd near the stage? Yes.  Would there’ve been at any show, yeppers.  Were these more pushy & entitled types, yes yes.  One claimed he was a university student which was his alibi for his group shoving the crowd around like a rocking boat.  The crowd apparently got big so quickly people were kind of landlocked into the restaraunts & joints along the campus town hill area. 

In thinking about Boulder & most of these metro areas in general, you know, anymore its way different feeling than being in a stand of timber or a city park nearby.  And its exceedingly different from being in a park up in the mountains or plains perhaps 15 minutes outside of town.  This place has a pretty challenging mental environment a lot of the time.  Its wifi & cell & broadcast antenna drenched, to a saturation of silliness. 

People can’t see or taste or sense it other than how it makes them feel & respond to their environment.  But I see it all the time at shows, on the street & in public environments.  People get destabilized by the over stimulation & electromagnetic influence being cast upon them 24/7, especially by the wifi & the cell on their hip, then add in the cpu on their PC/laptop, etc. & it starts to cook people quite a bit.

Boulder’s mental environment at times ends up feeling being one of artificially impatient, selfish actions & half screamed words & flip outs.  Pretty inexcusable but given the iphoned minds & electromagnetic-radiation bathed masses, under 1000w cell phone towers around here, who can blame them?  I can’t, I just go back to earthing & being around orgonite generators & powered orgonite pieces.

By Fan - 05/09/14


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