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Stephen Colbert Jokes About Phish and Weed

by Sam D'Arcangelo on December 06, 2013

Stephen Colbert made a Phish reference during last night's episode of The Colbert Report. The comedian/TV show host managed to take a swipe at the band during a segment on marijuana legalization, likening the State of Colorado to the parking lot at a Phish show. The joke comes toward the end of the segment, which you can check out above.



When Colbert started this show I wasn’t sure it would work in the long run.

And here it is, years later, possibly the funniest show on television.

By Reality Check - 12/06/13

Trey is much better than Stephen.

By Alex - 12/06/13

Who has more money…. phish because fuck colbert

By kris - 12/06/13

It’s still funny…...  Come on.  Lighten up people.

By Wilson - 12/06/13

....and phish isn’t playing? DICCCCCCKKKKKK!!

By junta420 - 12/06/13

I’m a huge phan but come on it’s Stephen Colbert- making fun people and things is what he does. No point in getting made about it and it was an hilarious segment anyway

By Weakapaug Groove - 12/06/13

Pholks settle down. He’s in character as a clueless right winger (possibly redundant) who shares his misguided views and hilarity ensues. Chill and enjoy.

By Danny - 12/12/13


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