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Snarky Puppy featuring Lalah Hathaway “Something”

October 16, 2013

Snarky Puppy have been experiencing a viral explosion over the last week, with their video for the song “Something,” featuring Lalah Hathaway, currently logging over 150,000 views a day. Much to the surprise and elation of all involved, Snarky have racked up over a million views overall for the videos from their current DVD release, Family Dinner Volume 1. Not coincidentally, the band is also occupying 3 spots on the iTunes jazz charts, and Family Dinner is at #19 on the Billboard Jazz chart. The video for “Something” has led the bulk of the attention, due in no small part to the break about six minutes in where Hathaway starts overtone singing, or singing more than one note at a time, in intervals of thirds to match the harmony of the composition. Check out the video to see/hear what we’re talking about.

Snarky Puppy is currently touring Europe, where they just recorded Family Dinner Volume 2 in the Netherlands, and will be returning to the US for a series of dates in January.


This has blown me away - absolutely awesome ^^^ What a fine kind of fusion performance and a lot of acting fun we got to see! I am so satisfied that music lives on in this way - opposing that masses of trash on radio…

By Thomas Schmidt, L.E. Germany - 11/12/13


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