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Phish Hints At Halloween Album in Setbreak Video

by Rob Slater on October 24, 2013

Last night Phish returned to Glens Falls, NY for their first show at the Glens Falls Civic Center since they covered The White Album in 1994. During setbreak, the band had some fun with its fans watching on the webcast, seemingly dropping hints about potential album choices. The reference that should make Phish fans particularly excited are the "If This Is It" and "Heart and Soul" mentions, hinting at a potential cover of Huey Lewis and the News' classic album Sports.

Phish paid homage to the famed 1994 set last night, opening with "Back in the USSR" and closing the show with "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."



“Walking on a Thin Line”, “Bad is Bad” and “You Crack Me Up” are all Huey Lewis tracks - so with clues that obvious, they definitely won’t play Sports for Halloween.

By AK - 10/24/13

I would be fucking pissed if I took time off from work and traveled to AC to hear them play Huey Lewis album.  no way is that happening.

By JG - 10/24/13

No, but they might just to f*%? with your heads even more

By chili - 10/24/13

No way they’re playing Sport.
I’m thinking it will be an Allman Bros. album.

By Mags - 10/24/13

Seems to obvious…but I’d love it!

By fartermccarter - 10/24/13

Negativland by Neu! Is the background music.

By RB - 10/24/13

Phish is just trolling people. They Will cover their new album, and it will rock! 15 new track they have been working on since 2011.

By Simple Twist - 10/25/13

HL & the Neu!s

By EA - 10/25/13

cover their own album….???....I guess I’ll go as myself for Halloween….sheesh

By donk - 10/31/13

Simple Twist totally called it!!

By dstenz79 - 11/02/13


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