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Phil Lesh & Friends Take Central Park (A Gallery)

May 29, 2014

Phil Lesh & Friends played their first of two shows at Central Park's Rumsey Playfield last night on a brisk May night in New York. Flanking Lesh (who rocked a mean looking bass) was familiar mates Joe Russo, Warren Haynes, John Scofield, Ross James, John Medeski and Jordan Levine. The band moved through two energetic sets that included takes on "Sweet Jane," "I Know You Rider," "Terrapin Station" and more. Dino Perrucci shared images from the show.


Oh, the things I used to do back there behind the bandshell in the late 70s! Kind of miss those days. Would’ve loved to have seen Phil and his mates there yesterday, but a couple of nights at TXR weren’t bad either! Rock on, Mr. Lesh!

By Cryptical69 - 05/29/14

That was pitiful! We all know what the musicians look like. How about some photos of the crowd and background, being it is one of the most famous parks in the world!

By Warren Gang - 05/29/14

Warren, it’s at Summerstage a fenced in area of the park. Outside of the trees around it there’s not much to see.  There’s not even grass just astroturf and bleachers and food vendors around the outside.

By brad - 05/29/14

how is the sound outside the fence?

By Jeff - 05/29/14

really Warren?!?!?!!?

By bobbyhayphish - 05/29/14

I thought the sound (unfortunately) sounded muddy…and I wasn’t the only one who felt that.

By Dan - 05/29/14

Agreed on the sound…unless you were middle center (which was nearly impossible to get to the way it was setup) the sound was unfortunately not great (still a great show, as always).  They should take notes from the Capitol Theatre on acoustics…

By wolfy - 05/29/14

Agree on the sound. The rhythm obscured the lead pretty often in the first set. Also, they sold WAY too many tickets. Place was obscenely packed.

By MookMan - 05/29/14

Looks like Phil has his own “Wall of Sound” as part of his rig.

By Craig - 05/30/14


By ROCK - 05/31/14

It was a great show, regardless what you all thought about the sound…
Awesome Unbroken Chain w/Medeski on whatever keyboard it was that he was playing… always grate to get a nice Stella Blue and my favorite Terrapin Station!!! had to go down that road feelin’ bad.

Thank You Phil!

By rzamotoo - 05/31/14


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