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Phil Lesh and the Terrapin Family Band at Terrapin Crossroads (A Gallery)

June 23, 2014

Phil Lesh took the stage with his Terrapin Family Band at his own Terrapin Crossroads last week for a show that also featured some special guests. ALO's Dan Lebowitz joined Lesh and the Family Band on guitar for most of the set. In addition, Scott Padden played keys throughout. Stuart Levine shared some images from the show.


Can anybody tell me why I would want to look at a “Gallery” of the Phil Lesh Family band. I understand a concert review, I understand a video or audio. I mean I live Phil, but it’s like “and here is another of Phil standing while holding his Bass”. Please Relix, don’t be lazy:write a concert review to go with the photos.

By Phil ain't Kiss - 06/23/14

I was at that show. I enjoyed seeing pictures. Thank you, relix.

By Rip - 06/24/14

Those are some excellent photos. Thanks Relix and Stuart Levine…

By Mike S - 06/24/14


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