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John Lennon, Kurt Cobain and Tupac Prove That Musician’s Heaven is Awesome

by Rob Slater on March 25, 2014

Dutch beer company Bavaria Radler has won the commercial game. Just shut it down now. It's over.

Dangerous Minds uncovered this gem today (watch it before it gets pulled, trust me) that will surely make the rounds throughout the day. Turns out, Celebrity Heaven is a remote island somewhere in the middle of the ocean, and Kurt Cobain, John Lennon (who, fittingly, looks like Jesus), Elvis, Tupac, Marilyn Monroe and Bruce Lee are hanging out there for the rest of eternity.

There are several takeaways from this. First of all, Tommy Lee Jones was right--Elvis isn't dead, he just went home. Second, Tupac apparently doesn't age, ever, and Elvis is still a master around the ladies. Watch below, now.



Yea except Kurt is in musician hell for being a coward pussy for disillusioning an entire generation, and abondoning his child to be raised by a crackhead witch.

By Big boned - 03/25/14

Courtney killed him

By jr - 03/25/14

the pretext of the commercial is that none of them are dead, they are all on an island in hiding.

By furrigate - 03/25/14

I thought it was pretty damn creative and humorous

By R Walsh - 03/25/14

Kurt saved us from the big hair Bands

By v 6l4xcTSp4e - 03/25/14

Apparently the author didn’t watch the commercial. The whole point is that they are not dead, but hiding on a deserted island. Hence the whole part with the ship and the hiding at the end? Also, its not musician heaven unless Marilyn and Bruce Lee were musicians…

By Bill - 03/26/14

Can’t forget about Jerry Garcia.. dust off those rusty strings just one more time.. gonna let’em shine!!! Shine!!!

By Jennifer - 03/26/14


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