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Furthur in Mexico (A Gallery)

January 28, 2014

Furthur wrapped up their touring schedule with a destination weekend in Mexico. The Paradise Waits event featured four nights of Furthur as well as several other amenities and events throughout the day. The band will currently break for a hiatus, with each member focusing on other projects. Weir recently reunited his RatDog project, and Lesh will focus on his Terrapin Crossroads venue as well as Phil Lesh & Friends. Dave Vann was on hand to capture some photos from the weekend.


bob got to get new clothing sorry
he has been in these clam diggers and ringer tee sicne 2008

By rock n roll - 01/29/14

I was thinking the same thing about bobby s clothes. What is up with that. Change your clothes dude.

By arlene i - 01/29/14

FU’all - good for him.
He ain’t looking to be a GQ cover - he’s just looking for his miracle everyday: wake-up, stand-up, play in the band.
I hope he shows in the same duds at the Cap in March. I know I will.

By Micky D - 02/05/14


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