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Five Great Musical Moments From Breaking Bad

by Rob Slater on August 26, 2014

Last night at the Emmys, one of television's greatest shows left us for good as Breaking Bad took its final bow on the awards circuit. Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul and several others involved with the show all collected awards. The show also took home Best Drama at the end of the night as the cast and crew rightfully held the stage as the broadcast came to an end.

Breaking Bad's place in television history is another debate for another time, but one of the things the show gave us was an incredible musical selection that perfectly narrated the story through a different medium. There are countless examples, and we all probably have some from our favorite episodes, but in honor of its final Emmy domination, here are five that particularly stand out.

5. The Platters | "Enchanted"

From: S2E11 "Mandala"

Romanticizing heroin use like only Breaking Bad can.

4. America | "A Horse with No Name"

From: S3E2 "Caballo Sin Nombre"

The opening scene of the second episode of season three finds Mr. White adjusting to his newly found bravado. As he hums along to the famed America tune while rolling down a lone desert highway, he's quickly brought back down to reality when the police intervene, reminding him that the law is always near. The scene ends with Walt pepper-sprayed and in the back of a squad car after putting up a fight over the cracked windshield.

3. Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi | "Black"

From: S4E13 "Face Off"

In this instance, the lyrical content of the song selected by the Breaking Bad brass not only encapsulated the moment but also foreshadowed what was to come. As season four melted away, Walt was left standing, alone, on top of a parking garage basking in the glow of Gus Fring's death while Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi's "Black" played. Among the lines in the brief clip played: "Until you travel to that place you can't come back, Where the last pain is gone and all that's left is black" and of course "Some day they'll punish my deeds, and they'll find all the crimes."

Walt had reached the point of no return and would have to face the music (which, SPOILER ALERT, he did in season five) not just from his family but also from his partner in crime, Jesse, who would eventually find out he poisoned his girlfriend's son, Brock. Walter White went from loveable chemistry teacher who fell on hard times to a downright madman in this instance and there was nothing that could save him.

2. TV On the Radio | "DLZ"

From: S2E10 "Over"

Quite easily one of the most recognizable and iconic musical moments of the series, as Walter White slowly begins his transformation into Heisenberg. Much like "Black" does in S4, "DLZ" foreshadows quite a bit about the series and the path of our favorite chemistry teacher-turned-meth-kingpin.

1. Badfinger | "Baby Blue"

From: S5E16 "Felina"

If you didn't cry, your soul is as empty as Walt's.



Spoiler alert

By Bill - 08/26/14

I also think that by the end of the series, gilligan proves that Walt does have a soul

By Bill - 08/26/14

Crystal Blue Persuasion or gtfo

By Tuco Salamanca - 08/26/14

How about The Monkees’s Goin’ Down?

By Rocky - 08/26/14

Number one is the season 4 second episode opener. Apollo Sunshine’s “We are born when we die” plays as Walt spins his .38 on the glass patio table. Again, and again. Until it stops. Pointing at the poisonous Lily of The Valley plant beside the pool.

Seminal moment in the show loudly punctuated by an obscure, incredibly appropriate heavy, song.

By Paul Ust - 08/26/14

What No Darondo “Didn’t I” Car Explosion scene? That is one of the best moments of the entire series!!!

By Pimp Electrician - 08/26/14

Windy by The Association for the Wendy montage in “Half Measures”? Very synchronized and fluid tone.

By Pedro Boyla - 08/26/14

Really?  “El Paso” doesn’t get a nod?

By Marty R. - 08/26/14

Crystal blue persuasion was a highlight. Also Tidalwave by the oh sees when Gus poisoned the cartel was brilliant

By Dap - 08/26/14

Windy and Crystal Blue Persuasion are glaring omissions. Maybe the list needs to be top 10? Still, to this day my favorite music is a season 3 scene where Mike is tapping Walt’s house from the outside and Timber Timbre’s “Magic Arrow” plays.

By Row Jimmy - 08/27/14


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