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Exclusive: The Avett Brothers Discuss “Geraldine” from The Carpenter

October 12, 2012

The new album from The Avett Brothers, was released last month. In this video, the group, who were featured on the July-August cover of Relix discuss “Geraldine,” the tenth track on The Carpenter. Our review of The Carpenter appears here, while the group’s thoughts on “I Never Knew You” can be found here. You can also order the record from the band’s official store and check out read our cover story on the group.


Like most great bands a “favorite” song always change…right now I’d say Once &Future; Carpenter

By Jim - 10/12/12

CM: the building is a condo block, and a lot of them are retned out, but most are still owner occupied.  There are frequently for rent notices posted downstairs, though.  I was going to talk to the building manager to see if he knew if anything was going to be opening up.Michelle: most days I don’t mind it because she needs me to be in sight most of the time.  When we did this, most people would say,  But you never get alone time!  I didn’t (until she went to sleep) in the three bedroom house, either.  But   that’s my lure of more space. A room of my own.  smile

By Martin - 10/30/12
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