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June 2015 Relix Magazine Sampler: Tame Impala- Let It Happen
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Doctor's Orders

Doctor’s Orders: What Would You Like to See from the ABB?

by Dr. Dean Budnick on March 31, 2014

Our Doctor's Orders blog returns with a timely question. This is the final day of March, a month long associated with the Allman Brothers Band's Beacon Theatre run. Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes have already said that this will be their final year on tour with the group. What if anything would you like to see from the ABB in 2015 and beyond? Share your ideas below and we’ll run a few of your responses in the next issue of Relix...



Three words: Bring Back Dickey!

By Kev - 03/31/14

Three more words: Not Gonna Happen!

By Sorry Kev - 03/31/14

I’d like to see them keep things in family with Devon Allman and Jack Pearson stepping in…

By Teddy B. - 03/31/14

Cool idea but I’m not sure if that would totally work. How about adding Bill Evans as well and ripping piano player to complement Gregg.

By Cam - 03/31/14

“Back Where It All Begins” bustout at Wanee (‘nobody knows’ would be nice too) .... preferably with dickey on stage, but the song itself would be a huge kickdown to the shows closest to their roots in Jacksonville, Alabama, and Georgia… 2015 in beyond, i’d hope to see the band unite for Wanee or a Wanee-like event. Don’t have to tour, but don’t close the songbook forever.

By Mann E. Fess - 03/31/14

Would love to see Jason isbell (formerly from drive by truckers) get involved for a few runs

By Wombat - 03/31/14

Devon and Robert Randolph could work. Keep Wanee alive!

By Tim Neuendank - 03/31/14

Jackie Green and Luther Dickinson stepping up on axes

By Justin - 03/31/14

Joe Bonamasso

By Ed - 03/31/14

Bring back some more of the goods like High Falls, Win, Lose, or Draw, Back Where it All Begains, and Nobody Knows for starters. Duane Betts, Devon Allman and Jack Pearson would make great guest addtions. The Allmans should cover every base before its over..

By PDX - 03/31/14

To me, without Trucks or Haynes and one new member, it might be a possibility. But with the 2 of them going,this road does not go on forever. 25 years for Warren. 15 for Trucks. You can’t replace that to m3. Time for the Gregg Allman band to start stretching things out a little bit, playing longer shows, and making me smile ear to ear.

By fred cothard - 04/01/14


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