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June 2015 Relix Magazine Sampler: Tame Impala- Let It Happen
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Doctor's Orders

Doctor’s Orders: Share Your Favorite Roseland Shows (Here Are Mine)

April 14, 2014

Al Schnier, Trey Anastasio, Warren Haynes, Mark Karan, Bob Weir, Rob Wasserman close out the 2002 Jammys- photo by Dean Budnick

Earlier today we posted Ron Hart’s five favorite shows from New York City’s dearly departed Roseland Ballroom. Here are mine…

1. The Jammys 10/2/02

2. The Jammys 6/28/01

3. One for Woody 9/21/00

4. Phish 2/6/93

5. Radiohead 9/28/11

There are many more as well...Phish 3/14/92, Phil Lesh Quintet 4/30/01, Oysterhead 11/13/01, moe. benefits 2/10/05 and 1/22/10...

Share some of yours below and we’ll run a few of your responses in the next issue of Relix...


Nirvana during CMJ

Blues Traveler/Warren Haynes/XanaX25 New Years 93.

Both One For Woody shows

By R Schneck - 04/14/14

Van Morrison 1999

By Chris Donahue - 04/14/14

Robert Randolph Halloween 2004. With the in costume being the superman muscle costume with the halo over their head for the passing of Christopher Reeve.

By Dave - 04/14/14

Dave Matthews with Trey and Popper 1995

By Andrew - 04/14/14

My first and last Roseland shows were my favorites. The Ramones in ‘92 and Jack White in ‘12

By Seth - 04/14/14

Saw Bobby and the Midnites there in June ‘83

By Joe W - 04/14/14

Ween 11.1.03. Rage Against The Machine/The Jesus Lizard 8.19.96 The Decendents ‘11

By TJ - 04/14/14

Jerry Garcia Band ’ 83

By Gary M - 04/14/14

Jerry Garcia Band 1983

By goddamnwellideclare - 04/14/14

WSP and DDBB!!!

By Ron - 04/14/14

Jazz Mandolin Project and Vida Blue with DJ Spam.

By Martin Wynne - 04/14/14

George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic! On halloween the Mothership landed in Roseland.

By Stu - 04/15/14

Saw The Pretenders there and bribed the security guy $50 to let us upstairs into the VIP section. Great view.

By Rich R - 04/15/14

The Dead 2009 - It was a free show and everybody got in!

By Brian - 04/15/14

Was lucky enough to see the Rolling Stones!!!

By DeBrew - 04/15/14

Blues Traveler and Spin Doctors 5/26/90 my 21st bday

By Sam F - Charlotte,NC - 04/15/14

Phish in May of 2000. Waited all night on the street to get wristbands. Met the band after the gig by their tour buses behind the venue, right where we had been waiting all night to get tickets!

By Alex Anastas - 04/16/14

Dead 2009

By Brian - 04/23/14

My ex GF’s family owned it. Saw so many amazing shows there from Phish to The Stones.

By Mark Rosenfeld - 04/23/14

I agree with Brian. The marquee said: “FREE THE DEAD”

By David Meerman Scott - 04/23/14


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