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Doctor's Orders

Doctor’s Orders: Share a Musical Memory from New Year’s Eve

December 26, 2013

With New Year's Eve on the horizon, we'd love to hear about some of you favorite moments from New Year's Eves past. So share them below and we’ll run a few of your responses in the next issue of Relix...


Phish 1994 will forever be a favorite of mine. The debut of the flying hot dog!

By Alex J. - 12/22/13

Phish 95 was an epic one for me. Not just the stunt but the music as a whole, which has certainly held up over time…

By KevinF - 12/22/13

For me, it’ll always be Strangefolk at Wetlands 97/98.

By Jenny - 12/22/13

More details. Let me know why. All those shows were before my time. Let me feel it…

By Steven - 12/22/13

The last Bill Graham Grateful Dead New Year’s Eve will also be with me. Not just fir the eye candy but Branford Marsalis only sat in, the only time I ever saw him appear with the good old Grateful Dead.

By Francie - 12/22/13

Since I wasn’t old enough to be at a Grateful Dead NYE, all of my best New Year’s memories are Phish. I think my favorite is watching the boys golf it up before the Iron Man cover last year, but maybe that’s just because it’s fresh in my mind.

By Tim - 12/26/13

Panic - Phillips Arena - 09/10

By Tyrus - 12/26/13

Big Cypress.  Phish NYE 2000.  100,000 fans in the middle of the Florida Everglades watch Phish throwdown a midnight to sunrise set.  It was surreal, amazing, and the pinnacle of my travels with Phish.  I really never expect them to top it. CHEESECAKE!!!!

By Matt Gerber - 12/26/13

I agree with bill graham last New Years show!! Now wasn’t there but I have seen phish on new year since98!! And the magic in the music or even the air was better than Seminole Indian reservation ” big cypress”!! Don’t hate too much!!(~):}

By Sean - 12/27/13


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