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Box Set Acoustic Duo in Berkeley (A Gallery)

January 06, 2014

On Saturday night, Berkeley, Calif.'s Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse the Box Set Acoustic Duo returned to the stage. Jeff Pehrson and Jim Brunberg co-founded the group back in 1991 and after parting ways in 2006 have started performing together again intermittently. Stuart Levine shares these images from Saturday.


Great pics of a great night.  Thanks!

By Carolyn - 01/06/14

What a great show and great venue!

By Jill - 01/06/14

Amazing show!! I LOVE Box Set!!

By Cat - 01/06/14

Box Set duo is a guaranteed great time, and once again they did not disappoint. These guys should have been superstars. Catch ‘em if you can.

By Chris D - 01/06/14

Fantastic show guys!  Played some of my favorite Box Set classics, and the banter was hilarious.  I’ll go wherever these guys play - they are THAT GOOD!

By Eddie - 01/06/14

What an all around absolutely deligthful evening. The onstage chemistry between Jim & Jeff was smart, funny & edgey in the best sense of the word. Of course their vocal harmonies, song writing and musicianship were as sharp as ever. The sold out show at the Freight & Salvage was truly a wonderful evening with special guest Wavy Gravy there to introduce his old friends. We want more!

By Marc Margolis - 01/06/14

Haunting harmonies and humorous banter. Love these guys!!  Great pics

By Shelli Kuehn - 01/06/14

What a wonderful evening. The nostalgia was thick….especially after finding out that Judy’s Baby is in her mid-20’s. Wow did that take me back a ways. Thanks for the memories guys. We would love to come back and see you again in July!

By Jay - 01/06/14

So great to see these guys again!  I would go right back to being a groupie if they played more often! smile  They sounded great!

By Sara Williams - 01/06/14

Great show - Love, laughs & harmony ;-D The sing-along with the entire audience was the best!  Thanks for a wonderful evening - see ya in the summer…

By Julie Larson - 01/07/14

Best show ever! A night filled with smiles, laughter, and beautiful music! Music that fed my soul and caused it to overflow with happy tears. Box Set Duo was just that good! Bravo, bravo!

By Benita - 01/07/14

Stuart Takes some great shots!

By Richard Zeno - 01/07/14

It was great fun getting up on stage for the finale with old friends Pam and Ira, Jim and Jeff from the Owl & Monkey open mic days of early 1990’s.  Box Set has not lost any of their humor and wit, Jim’s excellent guitar riffs, Jeff’s energy and stage presence, both of their amazing connection with the audience and making everyone feel close and cozy, all while delivering those wonderfully crafted anthemic songs.  Bring them back!

By Jo D'Anna - 01/07/14

Definitely miss hearing you guys live!  Can’t wait to see you guys the next time you’re up in the Seattle area.  Great pictures!

By Stan - 01/07/14

Hey - I know those guys!

By Sammy Johnston - 01/07/14

Love, love, love Box Set!  Great show and awesome photos!

By Twirlgirl - 01/08/14


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