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BOOB and Friends at Garcia’s (A Gallery)

August 21, 2014

BOOB and Friends took the stage at Garcia's for a special performance featuring members of Dopapod, Twiddle, Kung Fu, Turkuaz, MUN and Mister F. The show, billed as a birthday party for Dopapod bassist Chuck Jones, also included Mihali Savoulidis and Zdenek Gubb of Twiddle, Todd Stoops of Kung Fu, Michael Angelo Carubba of Turkuaz, Ryan Liatsis of Shwizz, Scott Hannay of Mister F and Wiley Griffin and Alfred Rylands of MUN. Scott Harris shared some pictures from the show.


Hoped to see some pics from the gallery.  Don’t know the bands, sorry.

By Pewtergod - 08/23/14


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