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Which Musical Act Does Your State Dislike?

by Rob Slater on February 28, 2014

Earlier in the week, we posted a study done by The Echo Nest where they determined each state's most distinctive artist, obviously setting every comment section ablaze in the days that followed. Now, Randal Cooper has harnessed that negativity into a new study--your state's least favorite band.

Cooper compiled similar data from streaming services and crowned the artists that came in last as the winner, or loser, in this case. He broke it up into three separate maps, the first (above) is limited to the Top 50 artists on Spotify. As you can see, some in the East aren't quite down with sister act HAIM just yet, and Alaska isn't keen on something called on a John "Meyer." Everyone hates R. Kelly, and Texas, Nevada and New Mexico (despite their Breaking Bad notoriety) are dead to me given their dislike for Bon Iver.

The second map includes the Top 100 artists on Spotify, broadening the results ever so slightly. Most states still hate R. Kelly, SEC country isn't big on Dylan, Bowie, Floyd or The Stones, and the Northeast (instead of picking on Luke Bryan) has moved on to disliking fellow country acts Blake Shelton, Florida/Georgia Line and Jason Aldean. Take a look below. Also, as a Floridian, I apologize for our Head and the Heart dislike.

The final study took into account the Top 200 artists on Spotify, and delivered some of the most diverse results, obviously. The South once again loses, with bands like LCD Soundsystem, Phosphorescent and The Talking Heads coming in last. Four states, Missouri, Kansas, Texas and Arizona don't listen to a whole lot of Grateful Dead, and the Northeast stays hating on country, this time picking on George Strait.

Wilco finds itself on the list for the first time, with Hawaiians and Nevadans not digging Tweedy and crew. Take a look at the final results.


Sorry, but Dallas has one of the top Grateful Dead tribute bands in the entire USA (Forgotten Space) and Austin has a dam good Grateful Dead tribute band (Deadeye) so this is full of shit.

By Mark - 02/28/14

I’m the only Deadhead in Arizona?? I’m busy listening to my old tapes so that wont show

By Brad Zerkel - 02/28/14

Should have put Blood on The Dance Floor as all of them!

By Ben - 02/28/14

I’m from Bama and I love Talking Heads!!

By Smith - 02/28/14

Thanks for wasting my time on this “study”

By Ziggy Stardust - 02/28/14

I have nothing but Aloha for Wilco and anything that Jeff Tweedy touches.

By Jim - Kailua, HI - 02/28/14

These polls are subject to a variety of variables. I remember a few years ago there was a poll that determined that figure skating was America’s favorite spectator sport. Turns out they were making phone calls in the middle of the day so all they were talking to were housewives and stay at home moms.

By Steve - 02/28/14

Nonsense. I could be more accurate picking names out of a hat.

By Eric W. - 02/28/14

Guys chill out haha. The study is based on streaming services (as stated) and is obviously inherently limited. Just a cool way to use readily available data

By DonPablo - 02/28/14

As I sit here in Dallas listening to a Grateful Dead show on a public radio station (89.3) that had the “Lone Star Dead” show broadcast for 30 years.

By Shannon - 02/28/14

Hmmm xtra ticket, the noodles, and top dead center… That’s a lot of dead cover bands for AZ who apparently doesn’t like the dead…. Oh yea and the guitarist from JGB is from AZ…. Get relix spend your time on something useful you’re not the Gallup research group

By David p - 03/01/14

Vermont Seems to not like the Grateful Dead anymore.  after the miss haps at Highgate in 94 & 95….paranoia has come into play.  a few years back, The Shelburne Museum in Shelburne VT cancelled (at the very last minute)  The Furthur Show in VT.  First off, Furthur is no where near the draw of the Dead, and secondly most of the Heads at the Highgate shows, who caused problems are now 15+ years older and have kids. I live in Vermont in the Beautiful “Northeast Kingdom”  And I vow to NEVER go to Shelburne again.  They were afraid of ticketless fans showing up….come on now.  We always say how nice Burlington VT and Chittenden County VT for that matter are…and they are so “close” to Vermont…....Note sarcasm….  (~);}

By Phil Dauscher - 03/01/14

Funny, I like more bands on the least favorite map. ‘murica!

By Billy - 03/01/14

Something is VERY wrong here! Is this really serious? I think we have all been had! Who could hate Bob Marley!?

By Warren Gang - 03/01/14

Guh. These maps rouse my ire.

By Nate - 03/01/14

Goods is up and coming in Boston, they are the next big thing!
Umph mixed w/ phishsauce

By Goos - 04/02/14

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