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What’s Your State’s Favorite Band?

by Rob Slater on February 26, 2014

Analyzing 35 million songs by 2.7 million artists over 432 apps and services has led The Echo Nest to this map of the United States with the definitive act for each state. There are several obvious winners, such as hometown heros Phish in Vermont, The Boss in Jersey, Dave Matthews Band in Virginia and the domination of country music in Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

The surprises come in the form of The Head and the Heart taking the cake in Washington state, a place home to the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains. Nirvana apparently still has a ton of fans in.....Rhode Island? Sure. The Grateful Dead are beloved in New Hampshire and R.E.M. now has a place to kick off their reunion tour. Missourians evidently pair their love of beer with the sweet sounds of The Shins, making them the best state ever.

It remains to be seen why the good people of South Dakota are still listening to Hinder, and who would've guessed Oregon digs Kurt Vile? Also, someone better break the news to 'Bama that The Civil Wars are no more.


Most people in Birmingham alabama lean towards phish, dead heads, earth bound, moe…

By Maurers - 02/26/14

Umm they got Michigan wrong.

By Matt - 02/26/14

Who’s James Blake? And I’m a New Yorker!

By Rsg1985 - 02/26/14

Who the hell is James Blake?

By Guyute1983 - 02/26/14

Ya this is wrong.. like most information dragnets…  A complete pile of $hit.  I’m I. Missouri, been to 400+ concerts, who are the shins?

By medical marijuana coming soon - 02/26/14

And no 2 states got the same group? B@&*sh%#

By John - 02/26/14

dumbest map ever

By Chuch - 02/26/14

I’m from Maryland and I’ve never heard of Kelly Roland. WTF?

By Richard White - 02/26/14

In Alabama, it’s got to be Alabama.  Note that trhere is no group named auburn!

By Mike - 02/26/14

Nirvana in RI? Sorry wrong coast…

By John - 02/26/14

Lol at the fact that a reggae rock band is the winner in Colorado…

By Austin - 02/26/14

Who in the hell is young jeezy? They took the poll in Detroit probably!

By joe - 02/26/14

The best in Michigan (Outlaws of Zen!)

By Joe - 02/26/14

What a strange list. Although, I guess Ohio couldve done worse that Florida Georgia Line.  One question, how did Michigan come up with Young Jeezy? The home state of Motown, Bob Seger, hell even Kid Rock…

By r walsh - 02/26/14

Do an actual survey first, then post the results - not this made-up crap to generate incredulous responses.

By Jack B. - 02/26/14

The Naked and Famous are not a reggae rock band.

By elle - 02/26/14

Actually more than Bruce in NJ…..just hype…..We have The Gas Light Anthem, Slim Chance and the Gamblers, Joe D’urso and Stone Caravan….and many more great artists! South Side Johnny!

By Eddie - 02/26/14

Forgot Woodfish and the Smithereens!

By Eddie - 02/26/14

Funny to see folks say the data is wrong for their state because thats not what they listen to. Hilarious. And, Im moving to new hampshire.

By Jennylilly - 02/26/14

love my state, more Neil

By Arb Bonfatti - 02/27/14


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