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June 2015 Relix Magazine Sampler: Tame Impala- Let It Happen
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Stream Turkuaz from the Brooklyn Bowl Tonight

August 27, 2014

Tune in tonight at 8 PM as Relix brings you Turkuaz live from the Brooklyn Bowl! Music begins at 8:30 PM.


So awesome that you guys’ got this live stream set up!!!!!Still wish i could have been there, but this will do just fine!

By Shane - 08/27/14

Here we go! We’re pumped to watch!

By Brian - 08/27/14

This group is going places. The drummer is crazy good!!!!!

By Larry - 08/27/14

Wishing I was there instead of stuck in PA:)  Thanks for the stream!

By Erin - 08/27/14

love it!!!  thank you to relix for doing this

By bubba slide - 08/27/14

Good stuff…

By Kenny - 08/27/14

looks and sounds great !!!

By Roscoe - 08/27/14

Can’t wait to see XYZ!! Amazing first set!

By Brian - 08/27/14


By Sam - 08/27/14

Wow he just killed that sax solo

By Twerkuaz - 08/27/14

love these guys! streaming from San Diego

By your mom - 08/27/14

pls play electric habitat longer…..DENVER LOVES YOU!!!!

By kprow - 08/27/14

Everybody saw the sunshine!

By Ev - 08/27/14

Cleveland has a big Turkuaz connection—glad to lend them to Brooklyn for the night, but we want them back soon!!

By Briskokid - 08/27/14

When I grow up, I want to be a half shirt.

By Craig H. - 08/27/14

Very very very fun! Love these guys!!!


Thank you Relix! Awesome show as always Turkuaz smile enjoyed the show in PHX!

By Cjmorgen - 08/28/14


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