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Relix Gift Guide 2013 (Part Two)

December 20, 2013

● After all that beer, how about some coffee? Chef Ray Sewell, once the Grateful Dead’s touring chef, has produced a variety of organic coffee options. His current offerings include: the Grateful Dead’s Drop Dead Dark, Morning Brew, Load Out and Turn on Your Love Light Roasts.

● Ready to burn off some calories with style? Corpse Corps Boards thrives on the explorative and creative nature shared by all skaters and artists. Collaboration with illustrators, screen-printers, graffiti artists, rockers and tattoo artists has allowed Corpse Corps to develop their own aesthetic. Corpse Corps Boards has perfected their unique dual-tailed coffin-shaped molds with two of America’s best skateboard manufacturers to ensure the highest quality American maple and production standards, paired with illustration-heavy graphics.

● If a vaporizer seems suitable, then we have some suggestions as well. The discreet INDICA vaporizer is a fantastic gift for any smoker. The new INDICA vape differs from other vaporizers because it can hold .31g of loose leaf tobacco and has ultimate vapor control, which means less packing, longer-lasting tobacco and more fun!

● Ploom’s Pax vaporizer is top-notch. Pocketable, easy to use and easy on the eyes, this luxury loose-leaf vaporizer has everything you would want in a tidy, little package. Perfect for your favorite techobsessed tobacco lover to enjoy with pride.

After all that, why not kick back with a film? Two recent DVDs that remain on play here at Relix are Sunshine Daydream and Move Me Brightly.
● Sunshine Daydream (8) presents the Grateful Dead’s reunion with Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters at a benefit for the Springfield Creamery on Aug. 27, 1972 in Veneta, Ore. (And don’t worry, Naked Pole Guy eventually finds some shorts.)

● Move Me Brightly is a documentary and concert film based around the Aug. 3, 2012 musical gathering at Bob Weir’s TRI Studios, commemorating Jerry Garcia’s 70th birthday. Guests include Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, Donna Jean Godchaux, Carlos Santana, Mike Gordon, Sammy Hagar, Mike Campbell, Neal Casal, Joe Russo, Jeff Chimenti, Chris Tomson, Sam Cohen, Adam MacDougall and Craig Finn (available online and in retail stores).

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